Monday, January 26, 2015

Storm Juno Hits New York


I do not have much to say today! We had a really good week, as always,
but none of our investigators wanted to meet with us :( That's always
a bummer, but we didn't let that get us down, we just spent a lot of
time working with less actives and trying to find new investigators.
This morning I was wondering why everything is stopping and why no one
is willing to meet with us even though we're trying our best. Well, I
flipped the pages and my scriptures opened to Alma  8. Man, I feel for
Alma! I felt like I was reading my life right now. Like Alma, we will
not give up, we will continue to go forth and preach (with love) to
the deaf people of queens :) I love the Book of Mormon :)))

On Thursday we went on exchanges with Sisters Snow and Harris. I
stayed in Astoria (again) and ran the pool. I'm always amazed at the
end of exchanges when I realize I taught lessons, in ASL, without
Sister Passeys help! The gift of tongues is real. I love ASL! Well
actually it's not really ASL. A wise man once said "if you're called
to serve ASL in New York, you don't learn ASL, you learn to
communicate." It's very true ahhahaha I feel like we're learning 50
different languages because everyone has their own way of signing, and
none of it is ASL!
Did I already mention we have a deaf elder coming in in February? Not
only is he deaf, but he doesn't know ASL, English, or Tongan sign
language. It's going to be SO FUN. District meeting will be full of
Charades until he gets the hang of signing!

Apparently the biggest storm to ever hit NYC is coming! I don't
believe it. I'm looking out the window right now and it's not even
snowing! Stay tuned til next week to see if the storm was actually
THAT bad! It's supposed to hit single digits this week, idk what we
will do because the trains and busses don't run if the weather hits 11
degrees. Skype lessons, anyone?! ;) Thank heavens for IPads and Wifi.
We are lucky missionaries!

We pranked the elders with a Jewish wig this week. Funniest thing of
my life. Ask me about it in 9 months.

Want to know something funny? Sometimes the Holy Ghost prompts me
through my stomach. It's happened a few times on the mission. We crave
something, go get it, and see a former, LA, or find a new investigator
there. For example, on Tuesday night we got home, started planning for
the next day and I thought to myself "I want to go to Dera tomorrow,
I'm going to go to Dera tomorrow! I just cannot go another day without
Indian food!" So we planned our day around going to Dera for lunch.
Well, we walk in, sit down, I look at the people next to me, and what
do ya know- it's a deaf family!!!!!! What are the odds :)) They were
sweet, so sweet. Unfortunately they were Muslim, and not interested
now, but I'm happy we could be there to plant a little seed. They know
a strong member, so I'm hoping we can work with that member to get in
with them.

Transfer calls are this week! I think Sister Passey and I will be
broken up :( We think they might blind us out. Idk. I'll let you know
next week!

Alright, I'm going to go sleep through this "storm," now. Per
Presidents request, we aren't supposed to leave our pads for Pday, so
feel free to send me funny/ugly pictures to make my day a bit less
Love you all!
-Sister Layton
1. The closest we will ever get to a normal district photo.
2. Trying to be hipster with my favorite street art.
3. The watchtower (JW hq) last Pday.
4. Theee Sister Passey and I.

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