Monday, February 2, 2015


Hello Again!

I have news this week! Very big news. You might want to sit down.
I'm being transferred. (Face palm)
Didn't see that one coming! We all thought I'd stay in the ASL program for my last 9 months, but nope, looks like I'm going to be preaching the good news in English again.

I'm very very sad! When we got transfer calls and they said "Sister Layton is...... OUT," I stood up and walked out of the room hahahah. I was shocked. WHO KNEW. 
I'm gonna miss my deaf peeps, Manhattan, and Sister Peterson. Sis P. And I have been together since the MTC. idk what mission life will be without her!
BUT I felt so much peace about the situation yesterday and am ready for this new adventure! Idk where I'm going or who my companion will be. Stay tuned til next week to find out!

Other happenings this week:
-I went on an exchange with Sister LEE! It was the best day of my life. We had so so so much fun as we worked together. She even taught me some Chinese!

-Snowstorm Juno wasn't really a snowstorm :)))) we only got about a foot and a half, thank goodness. They did shut down all the busses and trains for one day. For that day we helped shovel the neighborhood! I hope it snows again so we can shovel some more! There's nothing better than waking up at 6am and shoveling for a couple hours :)

-I had the privilege to FaceTime my dearest roommates Madeline and Madison and share a short message with them. It was weird to see their faces but also SO great. :))) And it's totally legal,  in case you were wondering, we are allowed to do things like that in the NYNYCS mission if we feel so inspired.

-We taught SO MANY restoration lessons this week. It's my favorite thing to teach. I cannot deny the spirit I feel when I hear Joseph Smiths account of the first vision. It's really neat. I'm grateful for the knowledge I have that Joseph Smith was a true prophet! Most people's testimonies begin with a foundation of knowing that the Book of Mormon is true. That's not how mine began. My testimony started with a knowledge that Joseph Smith was and is a prophet of God!! It's something I KNOW without a doubt to be true. Because I know this, I know the Book of Mormon and the church are TRUE. 

-One day we were waiting for the bus for 45 minutes, I kid you not. It was taking forever. So I was talking to a woman for 45 minutes. She was CRAZY. Completely sane, but completely crazy. Your typical New Yorker I guess. I think sister Passey was a bit scared of her, she didn't say anything hahahah. But you know me, I enjoy crazy people, so I kept talking to her. She's a very strong Christian, so we mostly talked about the bible and Jesus. Somehow it came up that I'm "hard-of-hearing." Before I knew it her eyes were closed and she was trying to heal me! It was the funniest thing ever! It took everything I had to not laugh. She legitimately thought she was going to heal me!!! She said this long prayer, opened her eyes and looked very sad when it didn't work. I was like "wellllll, thanks for trying, but it doesn't really work that way, you have to have the priesthood!" She's like "oh yeah, the priesthood....... What?" Lol.

-We ate pupusas. They're one of my very favorite foods here. Idk how to describe them. It's like a thick tortilla with beans, cheese, and pork inside of it. Then you put this red sauce and cabbage on top of it. No worries, I'll figure out how to make them for you all when I get home. They've become an essential part of my life!

Well, that's it for this week! Gotta go do my studies and then we have a full day of interpreting for our homegirl Serena, lunch with the district, and packing! 
Pray for me :)

Sister Layton
I took some pics with some members before I left. Enjoy.
1. S. We're the same person- both deaf, blue-eyed, and brunette!
2. Our RS President, Sister B. I've learned SO MUCH from this woman.
3. Sister M. She's like my grandma here!
4. The 4 sisters with C. He is our very fav.

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