Monday, January 19, 2015

Another Week!

Hey you guys!

Another week in the city has passed, and thank the heavens this one wasn't quite as cold as the last :)) 


-One of our less actives is a hoarder. In my opinion it's fine to save every little thing if you have a big house complete with a storage room, but this lady lives in a one bedroom apartment! Also there are 8 people living there, so needless to say, it's a bit crowded. On Wednesday we held "Operation Clean R's Household" with the district. It took the 7 of us 3 hours just to clean the kitchen hahahah! She was so happy she slept in the kitchen that night! Lol. Also R has kept every piece of mail she's ever received since 2006.......... That's a lot of mail, people. Just bins and bins and bins of mail! I thought to myself "oh, we can just throw it all down the recycling chute, piece of cake!" But then I realized all her important social security papers, court papers, photographs, etc were mixed in with the mail.-__- So one by one we started to go through the bins, separating the trash from the important things. The task has yet to be complete, but we will be back!

-President interviews! This was the best one yet! President interviews are so cool. My goal in life is to be able to pray like President. His prayers always get me, they're so powerful. 

-Elder Harris made life changing brownies on Tuesday for branch correlation. They were soooooo gooood. That is, until he told me how he made them. (Three packages of brownie mix, a cup of chocolate chips, 15 seconds of Hershey's syrup, and a whole Hershey's bar.) I'll be thanking him when I get diabetes. We don't have a branch mission leader, (noooo idea why we don't have one.....) but we get together with the north mission Elders to discuss the branch needs and the work in both missions every week. Elder Harris made the mistake of feeding us the brownies BEFORE correlation. It made for an interesting correlation. Everyone was on a sugar high. :)
-meetings allll dayyyyy on Wednesday. OH I have to tell you about the NYNYCS mission goals for 2015. Here's the deal, our goals are nonexistent! It's sweeeet! Here's what happened: last year our mission set the 5/5/5- meaning 500 baptisms, 5000 partaking of the sacrament on average, and 500 to or back to the temple. The wards and branches were to set goals to help reach the 5/5/5. Before the 5/5/5 was in place, missionaries set their personal goals, but the wards and branches didn't really have goals, it just wasn't a thing to do I guess. There was no unity between missionaries and wards/branches goals. The 5/5/5 was set to help leaders learn to set inspired goals, and unite their goals with the missionaries goals. Now that the leaders know what it means to be united and set inspired goals, we asked the wards/branches to set their own inspired goals and in turn, we made their goals ours. All added up, the goals for this year are 538 for baptism, +868 sacrament attendance, and 721 to or back to the temple. Pretty high for this mission, but I think it's sweeeeeet! And the best part is that the members are connected to their goals and know they're responsible to help us! The ASL branch went high! Our goals are 20/35/50! What the heck! Pray for us haaa.

-Mien fei Ying wen ban! Obviously, we spent a bit of time in flushing this week. It's not America, it's CHINA. seriously a whole new world. Got to see some cute Asian babies :))) nothin better :)))

-no real news with investigators.... It's been a struggle. Keep praying. In the branch we have 11 missionaries and of the 11 of us only 1 investigator came to church!  We aren't sure why this is happening, but we trust the promise that if we are obedient miracles in others will happen.

Today we are going to The Watchtower for pday with the district. Do you know what the Watchtower is? It's basically Jehovahs Witness Temple square, except it's not pretty. Don't ask me why we're going, I have no clue! I'm just going so I can walk across the street to Brooklyn Bridge after :)

Note to everyone who sent me things for Christmas: if you haven't gotten a thank you note from me yet, let me know and I'll send you another one. It seems that someone in the New York postal service keeps stealing my outgoing mail :/

Have a wonderful week! 
Thank you!
Love you all!
-Sister Layton

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