Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy 2015

Hello Family!

Happy 2015!!

Hope you all had a wonderful time celebrating.

We had a blast partying it up with T-Swift at Times Square on New Year's Eve. Watching the ball drop was soooo crazy, even more fun than it looks on tv! So many people everywhere! Best day of my life!!!
Just kiddingggg. We were required to be in our pad by 4:30pm on New Years Eve. It felt weird. But we had a good time eating taco soup and weekly planning. The best part was when we retired to sleep at 9:00pm... so heavenly :)
This week was good.
Our investigators are struggling! We currently have no progressing investigators! It's very sad, but what more can we do than testify, help them feel the spirit, and give them the choice? We really need new investigators, so pray for that please :)))) oh but one of our investigators, E, did accept a Baptismal date for February 8! Yay!
On the bright side we have been working with lots of less actives. The branch has SO MANY OF THEM. I swear there's enough less-actives to make a deaf stake if they all became active. I love the less-actives!!!! It's so fun to see them slowly,but surely progress in the gospel.

Other happenings this week:

-I was walking across the street, smiled at the lady next to me. And she says "my rich grand daughter is going to kill you. She knows where you are! She is going to find you!!!!" 
I started walking a little bit faster hahahahha. Welcome to New York.

-On Thursday after dinner were looking up a man named P. He was there, surprise! Then, they let us in, an even bigger surprise! So we sat down and talked with him and his family, they're Muslim from Bangladesh, and had no interest in the gospel. But they were lovely people!!!! You know I love me some people from Bangladesh. Anyways, I was asking the aunt how to make my favorite Bangladesh dish, it's some spicy orange chicken curry. She said they don't follow recipes, they kind of just make it! BUT she said "we have some, I share, stay." Im like "sweet, free food, this never happens!" She walks into the kitchen and comes out with no joke the biggest plate of rice I've ever seen in my life. Then the nephew brings our two huuuuge bowls of chicken curry and beef..... The aunt says "EAT." So we started eating, knowing they expected us to eat all of it. Don't get me wrong, it was delicious, but I thought I might throw up Haa. They stared. us. down. as we ate the food. Finally I finished, then they brought out a "special dessert from their country." I almost died. That's my food story of the week.

-Kendra got a temple recommend! We're going to do baptisms this week!!!

I can't remember anything else...

Love you allllll!
Sister Layton

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