Monday, January 12, 2015

It's Really Cold!!


First off, thank you to whoever prayed that Sister Passey and I could
find new investigators... It worked!!! Prayer is real!! 2 potentials
became new investigators on Wednesday, and we found 4 new
investigators on Saturday!
One of them is named D. She is a mother of 3 adorable children.
I kept feeling like we needed to go look her up when we had a turn
with the car, because she lives pretty far away from us. Well, we
basically planned our day around looking her up, and turns out she is
your IDEAL new investigator. She goes to a Catholic Church with her
family every Sunday out of habit, she doesn't necessarily think it's
the truth. Oh, it's a hearing church, and there aren't even
interpreters! So her daughters, ages 7&9, take turns interpreting for
her. From chatting with her daughters for a few minutes it's apparent
they don't know much signing, so there's no way D gets anything
out of church. Theres no way the daughters get anything out of church
either... From what I've noticed, when interpreting, the words go in
one ear, and out the other! Curious to see if she knows anything about
her religion I asked "What is the general belief of Catholics?" She
says "ask my daughter, I don't know! I just sit there!!" The poor
thing, we need to get her to church ASAP! Pray for d.

Well, we went to the temple with K. We stopped by the day before
and she kept saying "no, no, no, no, no, there is no way I'm going,
NO." You might wonder why she didn't want to go. She didn't want to go
simply because of the cold! I don't blame her, if I weren't a
missionary I would feel the same way, hahahaha. It's soooo colddddddd.
Brr! We realized nothing we could say would make her excited to go, so
we started to rely on the spirit. I've never had a lesson with so many
awkward silences, but hey, it worked, by the time we left she was
beaming from ear to ear, stoked about the temple.
She enjoyed the temple, for the most part. She refuses to close her
eyes when going under the water, I DONT KNOW WHY. Then she complains
afterwards that her eyes hurt. We keep telling her she can close her
eyes! Haa.
Oh, would you like to know what happened after we left the temple? I
didn't have time to blow dry my hair, so it was soaking wet when we
walked out. Literally 7 seconds after we left the temple doors my hair
had turned into curly icicles. I'm not joking around here. My hair was
rock solid! It FROZE! I felt like frozone from The Incredibles had
used his powers in me or somethin.
Has your hair ever froze? Didn't think so.
No worries, it thawed eventually.
Why was I not called to serve in California!? I just do not know. I
don't function well under the cold. Sister Passey just laughs at me
because I'm not good at controlling my emotions when it comes to the
Luckily it's supposed to be better weather this next week :)))

Members of the Layton family- why was I never informed that our
ancestor, David Fullmer, is in the doctrine and covenants?! I found
him, D&C 124:132. Cool stuff right there! Not everyone's great great
great great grandfather is in the scriptures!

Oh, also, everyone needs to pray for K. We don't know if she got
home safe.... She doesn't know how to read so it's hard for her to use
the trains, but she insisted on going home by herself without us
helping her. We haven't heard from her since Thursday!
A while before she was baptized she got lost on the trains... for
THREE DAYS... on the way home from church. Three days!! The cops took her
to the homeless shelter ha! Hope that didn't happen again!

It was such a good week! I'm excited to see what next week brings!
Today cousin Matthew emailed me. He talked about how on the mission
you live through your investigators. Actually I'll just quote him, he
stated it perfectly. He says "On your mission, you live your life
through your investigators’ lives. We rejoice as they progress, when
blessings occur in their lives, when they reach and make covenants.
Our joy is their joy. This must be why Heavenly Father loves His
children. His joy is our joy. He lives through our lives. He rejoices
as we progress. He also sorrows when we make harmful choices."
It's so true, and I love it! Being a missionary is the best.

-Sister Layton

This weeks pics:
K and my frozen hair after the temple.

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