Monday, August 31, 2015

Exciting News!

Dear Everyone,

The mission of Sister Layton is about to experience a plot twist!! The craziness keeps on happening. 
I thought everything was dying down as I approached the end, I didn't expect anything totally unexpected to happen... That all changed on Friday when I looked at the phone and saw we had missed a call from President Reynolds. My stomach lurched. I knew exactly why he had called- training calls! Sure enough, I called him back and he asked me to train one of the new ASL sisters. I said, "YES!" obviously. 
Crazy right? Never in my life did I expect to "die" training! Woohoo!

Saturday I attended new trainer meeting with the trainers.. It was really cool. I'm grateful to have the opportunity to train again. The first of my mission changed my course of eternity, and I hope I can help this sister change her course of eternity as well.

So I thought that was the end of the surprises... And then I learned we will be in a TRIO. HAHAH  5th trio of my mission. Gotta love that trio life. Sister Deuel (a new ASL sister will be joining my trainee and I) so I'll be finishing up Sister Deuel's training as well as training the sister arriving from the MTC.
THE HYPE IS SO REAL. I'm terrified, but excited. pray for me. :))

It's pretty weird to think that I'm at the start of my last transfer as a full time missionary... They say the last transfer flies by in a flash. Aaahhhhh SO WEIRD. I just want to wear my little black tag forever.

Ok anyways lets get down to the good stuff before I get all emotional about that...

It's been a WONDERFUL WEEK. We took a few trips to the office for Sister Passey's departing missionary stuff. Her dying wish was to eat at Dera before going home, so we did that. It was HEAVENLY. We were dying. Indian/Bengali food is where it's at! One thing I plan to do when I get home: find recipes on Google and cook a feast to let you all experience the goodness.

Hmm what else. Oh, on Tuesday I was able to exchange with Sister Barker and Sister Nash. My ASL Astoria sisters! They are such joys! Astoria is in good hands :) I got to see some of to favorite members in Manhattan with them- S, B, and B's daughters! Made me miss the union square branch, despite all the drama that goes on there. 

Thursday I went on yet another exchange, this time with Sister Larsen in Terryville! I don't think I've mentioned her much over email throughout my mission, but she's one of my fav. sisters and she's SO COOL. I love her to death. She was on the same drill team as my bfffff roommate Madison in high school :)) it was just a good time. We helped a recent convert pack her house up for a good chunk of the day.
As far as our investigators go, they're all doing pretty well. No time to give a full update now, but stay tuned til next week 

Well, I gotta go. We have lots going on today!!!
Lots of love!
-Sister Layton
The Astoria Sisters
Amy, this one's for you, Sista!
Sister B. She's a less active we've been working with. We've started to teach her son!

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