Monday, August 10, 2015

It's a Miracle - I'm Cured!

Hello Everyone!

The miracle of the week is.... I am cured! 

This week was a bit miserable to start off with. I mentioned last week that I had a terrible rash that looked like poison ivy or something of that sort? Some of you may not have even gotten that far into the email before getting bored and stopped reading.... Buttttttt i had a TERRIBLE rash on my face, neck, legs, left arm, and chest. It was so bad hahah. I called the mission nurse and she was like "put some anti itch cream on it and I'll talk to you tomorrow..."

Anyways, on Tuesday we had Mega-zone conference, which is one of the meetings you have he privilege of attending as a missionary! That morning I woke up and my face was s w o l l e n. My ear was pretty big too. But I couldn't just hunker down and stay inside because MEGA ZONE CONFERENCE. it's not something to miss. So I grabbed my ice-pack, threw my hair in a bun, dressed in long sleeves and a maxi skirt, and showed up at the meeting. When I got there everyone was like ".......sister. What happened to you?" I was asking the same question! The rash just came out of no where and was spreading as fast as a cheetah! The mission nurse instructed Sister Passey to take me to Urgent care as soon as the conference was over.

So the meeting was great and all. Filled with the spirit and great workshops. Loved it. It was definitely a different feel having President and Sister Reynolds there instead of the Calderwoods, but still a great meeting.... That is until Elder Odd says, "we will now hear the testimonies of departing missionaries." 
I'd forgotten about that. It seems like yesterday I was sitting in my first mega-zone conference listening to departing missionaries testimonies thinking "I will a NEVER make it to where they're at." And all of a sudden it was my turn. No clue how that happened so fast, but it did. 
It was pretty weird. But pretty great. I wasn't sure what to say, because for some reason it's extremely difficult to put how I feel about my mission into words. So I just testified and talked about how missions are the best thing that's ever happened to any of us- the opportunity to FIGHT, on the front lines of battle for the kingdom of God with Christ as our leader!!! It's an amazing opportunity that leaves us forever changed! 
Okay anyways, that happened. 

Then I was taken to urgent care where "PA Christina" told me I had a chronic condition and would look like this for A VERY LONG TIME. Obviously, I cried and said, "you mean I'm going to get off the plane looking like this?" It was a traumatic experience for sure. I was not a fan of PA Christina. She prescribed me some cream which was NOT HELPING and seemed to be making the rash worse. But all the dermatologists within 20 miles were booked to August 20th, so I didn't know what else to do hahah.

On Thursday I was finallllyyyyyyyyy able to see a dermatologist thanks to my mother calling every dermatologist in NY. Dr. Klein kindly accepted me, told me I'd had an allergic reaction to who knows what, and saved the day by putting me on real meds!!! 
Oh and GUESS WHAT. Dr. Klein totally knew all about Mormon missionaries, thanks to "the Book of Mormon," the musical. Seeing the play led him to do some research himself where he learned how we got the Book of Mormon, about the prophet and apostles, and other random things. In fact, he asked, "didn't your prophet pass away a few weeks ago?" I kind of laughed out of surprise that he knew about that and said "well, two of the apostles recently passed away if that's what you mean." He was very curious as to how two new apostles would be chosen! 

So now I'm alive, happy, doing well, sleeping, and not itching! Life is good, and I can preach the gospel in peace again :)

We had another miracle happen this week...... So we went to see a deaf LA member and his deaf fiancée. M and Y. Ohh myyy cutest deaf couple I ever did see. They're getting married this week! We had never even met Y before, but felt like we should talk to them about how the gospel blesses families/eternal marriage. They loved it!!! Before we know it Y says "I feel like after we get married I need to join the Mormon church because we need to go to church together as a family. We must have God in our lives in order to stay strong." Sister Passey and I were like "uhhhhhhhhhh OKAY, we are more than happy to teach you everything you need to know to get baptized!" Aaaaand what makes it even better is they're willing to drive our deaf member F to church every week!!! We've been trying to find a way to get her to the deaf group for ages! Miracles.

One more interesting thing: Sister Passey and I might be going on trek with F. HAHAH wouldn't that be the best thing ever? TREK! as a missionary! I hope we can go, it would be so good for F. The stake is seriously considering it.

K that's alllllll. thanks for reading, friends! 
Keep these people in your prayers this week: P, J, C, Y, M, and F!

Love, Sister Layton
1. Cuz you're not a sister missionary if you don't take car selfies.
2. A member had a costume birthday party this week... We were invited.... I became Mulan and Sister Passey became Princess Leia.
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