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Read the Book of Mormon EVERY DAY!

Hey Family & Friends,
Guess what. This upcoming week is Sister Passeys last :(((( ughhhhhh I just want her to stay! She's freakin out a little bit lol. It finally hit her that she's going home this week and it was the saddest thing EVER. I can feel this week is gonna be a good one. Gotta wrap up her mission with a bang, am I right?!

This week was so busy. Oh my lands, it's just been a sprint to the end for both of us! Work, work, work, with lots of meetings to attend. 

Oh, something funny I wanted to tell you all. As missionaries with iPads, we don't use paper too often, cuz everything is on technology!📲 It's so convenient. Well, Sister Passey's mom mailed her a copy of the church newspaper and I was reading an article. I was looking at the picture and wanted to see it more clearly, so I tried to use my fingers to zoom in! Sister Passey was dying.😂 proof I've been using technology for too long. 

Ok ANYWAYS. I learned something valuable this week... Let me explain. 
Friday we had "Sisters Conference." It's where all the Sisters in the mission get together for a grand meeting and lunch.👭👭👭 Since we are in the boonies, we had to leave before studies to make it there on time. Right when we got home at 6:00 pm we had appointments to rush off to. The day was filled with uplifting workshops and loads of fun, like it was a pretty good day! As Sister Passey and I were driving home that evening she said, "I feel guilty." I'd been feeling the same way myself, but couldn't figure out why! I tried to thing of anything we might have done wrong or ways we might have been disobedient... But there was nothing! So I just said "I don't know why, you've done nothing wrong!" And tried to shrug off the feeling. As 10:25 rolled around and I started praying I noticed I still felt weird and expressed to Heavenly Father that I wasn't sure why I was feeling this way and asked him to help me feel the spirit again. As I prayed a thought came to my head clear as day saying, "you feel this way because you forgot to read the Book of Mormon." 
I was like OHHHHH my goodness! I couldn't remember the last time I hadn't read the Book of Mormon. Since we normally have morning studies I read the Book of Mormon during that time, and plenty of other times during the day during appointments and whatnot. But on Friday we hadn't read from the Book of Mormon once. Not once! It wasn't used in the workshops at sisters conference nor did we use it in our lessons at night. It was crazy for me to see the difference in the way I felt, simply because I hadn't read the Book of Mormon! I hadn't realized how much power it has given me on my mission as I've studied it. So moral of the story is, study the Book of Mormon- EVERYDAY. Stay by the tree!🌳 Hold to the rod!!! Embrace it!
it's very very important.⬅️⬅️⬅️ I can testify of that.

K WE SAW MIRACLES THIS WEEK AAAHHH.I love being a missionary. I don't know what highlights to write about. Every moment was a highlight!

So C is V's (a members) girlfriend. She's SO COOL. She's considers herself Wiccan! I don't think she really gets what Wiccans are though..... Hahahah. Anyways. She came to church three weeks ago. I asked her boyfriend and others who know her if she was interested and they were all like "she's really not interested, at all." But then the next week she showed up at church AGAIN and I thought to myself "there's NO WAY she's not interested if she came back!" So I fellowshipped with her, and invited her to meet with us! She accepted! Yayyy.
Tuesday night we met C, V, and V's roommate, K at the park for their first lesson! Well, when we arrived at the park we saw a little girl and her mother sitting at the picnic table with them. The little girl told her mom she wanted to play with the people at the picnic table just a few moments before we got there! And because she did that, her mom was able to join us for the lesson!!! We had a cool lesson and C, K, and B(the little girls mom) all want to meet with us again! Thank goodness for the spiritual sensitivity of young children :))
C and K both came to church and said they'll be back! 
Church was crazyyyyyy on SundaySunday's are anything but the sabbath for missionaries. They're the busiest day of the week! 
Oh, I got to teach RS, solo! I need more practice.... But I don't think it was thaaaaat bad for my first time teaching alone! Our RS is great. Best one I've ever been in.

Other highlight of the week: F.❤❤️ F is a highlight every week hahah. We decided to try something new and took her teaching with us. Since she goes to school with them, she seems to know the whole deaf youth community of LI. The original plan was for her to introduce us to her friend J. But he was on vacation.😔 His family really wants us to come back and see him next week! Sister Passey and I got back in the car with her kinda sad and she is all "no worries I have other friends!" And directed us to her friend S house. WE HAD A LESSON WITH S AND HE WANTS US TO COME BACK. yay. Also he already has an ASL Book of Mormon and watches it because his grandma is Mormon in El Salvador.... What on earth??? Miracles.
We thought that was it so I said "want some ice cream?!" And F goes "ummmm, I have more friends....." So she took us to yet another friends house! He was the cutest little thing and had a cochlear implant like me!
I love F!!! She may not understand the gospel, but she knows she needs to share it anyways! When we met S she was like "will you join the church?" Hahahah, champ!

Okay well that's all. Won't bore you any longer.
Don't ever forget how blessed we are to be members of CHRIST'S CHURCH. This is the ONLY way! The only place we can find full truth and happiness, the only way we can be with our family forever, and so much MORE. I could go on for ages. 

Xoxoxo love you.
-Sister Layton

Last pday! These are probably the last pics you'll ever see of Sister Layton on the bridge :((( sadddd!
We were teaching P on the video phone.. Talking about baptism, and then it FROZE. she had the most P-like face look on her face and I couldn't stop laughing. 
SISTERS CONFERENCE. my peeps and bffs sisters Barker and Peterson.

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