Monday, May 18, 2015

Lots of Water & M's Baptism

Helloooooo Everyone!

OK THIS WEEK WAS CRAZY. Crazy fun, that is.
I have about 20 minutes to email you all today. Pday is actually tomorrow, because we have a conference at presidents house today, but tomorrow we will be in Manhattan for my doctors appointments, so idk if I'll ever have time to email! So sorry if I don't respond to anyone.

First off, I got to go to the temple for my 1 year anniversary. Say whaaat. Oh, it was sooo nice. And so fun! I was on an exchange with Sister Peterson for the day, and you all know how I feel about her- she's my soul sista! Manhattan was noisy and crowded as usual, but I sure enjoyed fearlessing on the train and walking down the city streets. I've missed that place. The temple was lovely. I felt so much peace :)))))))) 

K so what else happened... 
Oh, On Saturday around 4 we were at the church printing programs for the baptism which would take place the next day. We went into the relief society room so Sister Hardman could practice playing the hymns for the baptism. Then, I heard water. Lots of water. I said "Sister, do you hear water?" Sister Hardman's jaw dropped and we dashed to the baptismal font. We opened the door to find the baptismal font was less than a centimeter away from OVERFLOWING. hahahahahahah, we were freaking out and laughing so hard. We called the Elders cuz we didn't know how to turn it off. The Spanish Elders came to the rescue. Apparently, the Spanish Elders had a baptism that night... They turned on the water a while earlier, and weren't going to come back to turn it off til 5! Good thing we were there, or the whole church would have been flooded by 5! That was definitely a hit of the week. Silly elders :)

On Friday we had a phenomenal lesson with M! We basically just bore our testimonies to her and talked about her baptism. She was crying and kept hugging us hahahah. It was so cute.
So, M was supposed to get baptized on Sunday.... But SHE DIDNT SHOW UP FOR CHURCH. J went to pick her up, but when she got there M wasn't answering the door or her phone. Once again, we were freaking out. We called her about 20 times, assuming she had overslept. After about 15 minutes, we told J to leave her and make it to church. The sacrament was passed, she still hadn't shown up, texted us, or called us. I knew the baptism was still going to happen... Because the spirit told me, of course... So I wasn't too worried. The first speaker spoke, the second speaker, spoke, and thennnn. We got a call from M! She had, in fact, overslept! We went with J to go pick her up after Sacrament meeting ended. She was so embarrassed that she'd slept in, but so excited for her baptism. The baptism went wonderfully. She was baptized with I, the Elders investigator. They will be confirmed next Sunday :)

One thing I'd like to talk about this week is Zone training meeting! I've been having these my whole mission... But this one was SO GOOD. I have to tell you how one workshop, given by Elder Bennett, went. He stood up saying "okkkkkk I'm going to talk about obedience today, not my favorite thing to talk about." The tone of his voice wasn't very reverent. He asked missionaries to read scriptures for the workshop- "Rowley, will you open up to______" "Pincock, what does that mean?" "Bushman, will you please read______" "STLS, how have you seen the blessings of ______?" He proceeded to make a list on the chalkboard of white handbook rules that don't seem like a big deal. He paused and asked "Elders and Sisters, how do you feel right now? Is the spirit here with us?" I don't know about everyone else, but I definitely did not feel the spirit. The feeling in the room was just off. Elder Bennett restarted, saying with a reverent voice, "Elders and sisters, I'm pleased to be talking with you about obedience today. Blah blah blah. Elder Rowley, will you please open up to_____" Immediately the feeling of the room changed, the spirit was present. It was SO COOL. 
One white handbook rule is that we don't call people by their surnames alone, we don't refer to sister training leaders as STLS, etc. it seems like such a small rule, but his workshop showed that even the smallest things matter. I have gained a testimony on my mission that if you take care of the little things, the big things will fall into place. 

[real quick before I forget, does someone have Spencer Nash's email? I have to ask him if he knows an Elder in my mission]

This week I ate sweet potato pie..... It tastes like pumpkin pie, but it's made out of sweet potatoes. Also, I ate PUPUSAS. I'm telling you, if you haven't tried pupusas, go now! Google the nearest Salvadorian restaurant. It will be worthhhh itttttt.

This week is going to be craaazzzyyyyy. We are going to be out of our area 4 of the 7 days of the week. We have zone conference at presidents house all day today. He's going home :(( On Tuesday we will be in Manhattan for my doctors appointments. Thursday we have a meeting for new missionaries in the city at the office. Then, on Saturday we are going to the temple with Sister Child's to do baptisms & Sister Seniors to do endowments. 
Pray for usssss! 

Kkkk gotta go!
-Sister Layton
At the temple
Us with Mi on Friday night
We took a selfie as we waited for the Elders to turn off the water.
The baptism :)

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