Monday, May 11, 2015

Happy Mother's Day

Hello Dearest Friends.

Happy Mother's Day to allll my wonderful mothers out there! 

Skyping home was sweeeet! To fill in those of you who missed it- Abby, Dad, and Amy made me a RAP. A real live rap about my mission. Heck yes, rock on, family. Rock on! The next time I see you will be in 5 months... Whaaaat? :/

So our week was splendid as always. Once again I have no clue what to write about.... So we will see how this goes.

M had her baptismal interview yesterday. Apparently she passed with flying colors! I'm so happy for her. I've said it before and I'll say it again- if cousin Claire was Asian, she would be M. How is cousin Claire by the way? Sometimes I wonder if she's even alive. Is she alive? 
Ok back to M. We practiced the baptismal interview with her on Thursday and YOU GUYS, she has the most solid testimony! I was surprised at some of the responses to her questions! She gets the gospel, she just gets it! Her baptism will be Sunday after church, so stay tuned to see how that goes. :)

Oh, we met with a very very inspiring mother this week. Her name is K. She is from Utah and was raised in the church, but fell away when she was 16. At some point she moved to Long Island and met her husband. Now she's 25 and has 2 kids. About 5 weeks ago she showed up at church. I was asking everyoneeee who she is. No one knew. So I went up and talked to her to find out she's a member! Yippeeee! She's come to church almost every week since then. And last week she even bore her testimony! We were finally able to go see her this week and had a nice chat on her porch. I asked, "what is your motivation to come back to church. No one is pushing you, and it's obviously hard to come to church with your baby, so WHY did you decide you were just going to tough up and do it?" Her response was simple- "yeah, no one is pushing me. Im not doing it for anyone. Im doing it for me and my family. I'm doing it for my kids. They need to know about the gospel and know it's true just like I do. They need to have faith in Christ so they don't make the same mistakes I did." It was so simple, but it touched me so much. I can just feel how much she loves her kids and that she's willing to sacrifice everything for them! She asked us to teach her and her daughter the missionary lessons, and we put her daughter on date for baptism :)) I'm so happyyyyy. It's gonna be fun to work with them!

Now I must tell you about M. We gave her a Book of Mormon and restoration pamphlet last week. This week we went back and she had read THIRTEEN chapters of the Book of Mormon, the whole restoration pamphlet, AND had a notebook full of questions for us. Referring to the Book of Mormon, she said, "I feel a sense of comfort when I read it. I feel like it's filling missing parts, like I'm really learning things as I read it.... I believe it's true!" I was like uhhhhh are you for reals here?! We had a short lesson with her and were about to invite her to be baptized when she said "well, I hate to cut the meeting short, but i have some stuff to get to today." Rats.-__-  We will keep working with her!

So our district volunteered at a cystic fibrosis fundraiser.... They had loads of food leftover.... We have at least a hundred bagels, dozens of muffins, a ton of apples, and the list goes on! All unhealthy, besides the apples, but hooray for free food!

Things I've been meaning to tell you: New York has a thing called Blaze Pizza. It's like subway, but for PIZZA. Can you even believe it? I never saw one of those in Utah. And the pizza cooks in 3 minutes! It's amazing. We get taken there often! 

So, we had a family move into the loft on the bottom floor. I may have already mentioned this, I can't remember. The 4 little kids won't leave me alone lolololol. I love it!!!! They always come knocking on our door at night to talk to me. Or when we aren't home they will knock on J's door asking for "Kelsey." Ugh, I shouldn't have told them my first name ;) J calls me the child whisperer ha.

Sister Hardman is doing wonderfully. I love her so much! She still cries every day, I feel so bad. Idk what to do though cuz I definitely was not emotional at the first of my mission. Tipsssss anyone?

xoxoxo the church is SO TRUE.
-Sister Layton IV

-The Hermanas. I'm in loooovvveeeee with them!! We always hang out with them and J after nightly planning because they live below us!
-Eating lunch with J at the canal. I lovveeee the canals. They're everywhere!
-Eating lunch with J turned into me trying to touch the  jellyfish. I failed. But hey look how cool the fish are!

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