Friday, May 8, 2015

One Year Anniversary

Hello Everyone!

It's been about a year since I've left you all.... In three short days I will hit my year mark! Time flies. :/ :) :( :D I have so many mixed emotions about hitting my year mark. I'm sad, happy, confused, and tired all at the same time! (Is there a Taylor Swift song that sounds like that? I feel like there is, but I can't remember.) It's strange to think that at my next major "mark," I'll be coming home. As you have all seen from my emails, this has been the best year of my LIFE. 

Missions teach you things. The most important things. As you work to convert others, you become your own convert. It's amazing, really! I read my journal entries from way back when, and boy have I changed. I can feel the difference, too! The Doctrine of Christ, the Atonement changes you, I'm tellin ya. Learn to apply it! Learn to rely on God! Learn to say to God "thy will be done," and mean it! 
Also, I look different, but that's a whole different subject which we can discuss later when we have time. 

So, this week was the best week of my mission. I always say that, but they just keep getting better, and better, and better! I don't know if is week will ever be topped!
It started off with a wonderful transfer meeting. I cried. President talked about how once upon a time he had cancer, and gave us 3 principles for life. 
-Learn to rely on God. Don't counsel him, but seek counsel from him. 
-The little things matter. Do the little things, and the big things will take care of themselves. Learn to be happy. Happen to life, or life will happen to you.
-Don't underestimate your attitude. Speak with the tongue of angels! If you let a negative thought come out of your mouth as a word, the minute your ears hear that word, your brain will process it, and you will start to believe it! Same goes for positive words.  Replace negative thoughts or the word "can't" with "with gods help I CAN!"
It was a wonderful transfer meeting. Phenomenal! Andddddd I lost a few of my mission friends that day :( all my mission peeps are dying! 
After transfer meeting I took Sister Hardman out on the streets and showed her what it's like to fearless! It was sweet! Made me miss the city, but not nearly enough to want to leave the island :) we even got a few contacts for the city sisters!

Ok ok ok now for the week events....
We found SO MANY NEW PEOPLE. it was miraculous and humbling. God sure is preparing the hearts of so many to accept our message! Our girl K let us teach her friend J and her brother Q. They are both new investigators with whom we have FHE planned with tonight. We also found a sweet lady named M whose sister is an investigator in Virginia. She's super excited to come to church. We also met an amazing mother named Q who lives right by the church! So much more happened butttttttt, no time to tell it all!
We left all of these peoples homes beaming and got in the car looking at each other in awe wondering what had just happened! Missionary work is so fun.

Js dad passed away.... So she wasn't able to go to Utah for her interview :((((( it's so sad. I love her so much. We went to the wake. :( 

Hey remember that lady I shoveled water for? A? She came to church yesterday!! The Elders started working with her with us. Thank heavens for the elders, they're saints!

M is still doing good. She's excited for her baptism on May 16th!!!!

Oh, before I forget, if someone in Centerville sees a member of Eli Brady's family, please thank them for being amazing and sending me delicious cookies. Or find some way for me to contact them/give me their address. Thanks!

Welp, that's all I have to tell you..... Thanks for all your prayers!!!
-Sister Layton

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