Monday, May 25, 2015

Manhattan, Temple Trip Etc...


First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my beautiful big sister, Amy, whom I have so far failed to send a birthday card to.... :( I'm workin on it. Also, happy birthday to my Grandpa Robinson! I think Caseys was this week too... Happy birthday Caso! 

Today we have a  busy pday once again! We are going to the city for the Mets game! Should be FUN. almost all the missionaries are going. 

Alrighttttt I feel like Monday was a year ago... But let me tell you, it was WONDERFUL. Zone conference at Presidents home was amazing! I'm sad the Calderwoods are going home so soon :(( they have been great examples and great sources of wisdom to me. The day was full of amazing workshops, great food, and we had a zone testimony meeting. It was a beautiful experience. My favorite workshop was given by the Calderwoods son, Kaden, who just came home from his mission in Russia. He gave a workshop on personal prayers-something he really tried to master the last 6 months of his mission. He always found himself falling asleep and saying weird things during his prayers at night. So to fix the problem he started standing up and walking around as he prayed hahahah. He gave lots of really good tips and insights. I've been applying a few of them this week, including standing up when I prayed a few times. It actually helped me, because sometimes I do start to fall asleep! 

Tuesday was Pday, and we had my doctors appointments in Manhattan. It was SO FUN. Well, the appointments were quite boring, but in between was fun! We had 2.5 hours between appointments, so we took a stroll through Central Park, went to Times Square and ate some lunch there :) I'll send some pics! We went in a bunch of stores including the M&M store, Toys R Us, and the Disney store. It was a dream come trueeeeeee! I almost cried at the Disney store! You should've seen us squealing when we found a huuuuggggeeeee MINION in the Toys R Us store. Unfortunately I didn't purchase anything.... Idk about you but I'm not willing to spend $14 for 1lb of m&ms! Lol Times Square is overpriced. 
Tuesday night we looked up a former named E. She was not about to let us come back because of a long list of excuses. And thennnnn Sister Hardman started speaking creole at her... To which she says "oh my goodness, you speak creole, maybe we should talk." She let us right in the house, and we got a return appointment! Yippeeee. I love having a creole companion.

Thursday was our Trainer/Trainee meeting. We got some great training from president there and it was nice for all the new trainees to see each other since they're all going through that same phase of being a new missionary. I feel like it's good for them to realize they're not alone, ya know?

On Friday we did Family History with M. The girl is jumping right into it! She just gets the gospel. She was confirmed on Sunday, and also got her temple recommend on Sunday! We are going to the temple with her to do baptisms for her ancestors this Saturday yayyyyy.

Speaking of temples. We went to the temple with Sister C and Sister S on Saturday. They hadn't been for years! It was so fun to be with them and the other Ward members who came. It had been a while since I'd done baptisms or been in water for that matter.... Me, L, and J were so nervous hahah. We were sitting there grasping each other's hands as we waited for our turn lollll.

In other news, we haven't been able to meet with our investigators much :(( everyone's so busy :(( oh well, it happens. We do our best, and the Lord will do the rest!
Also, some Air Force Thunderbirds came to church yesterday in their uniforms!!! They looked so cool! They were treated like celebrities lol. Everyone wanted their picture taken with them, and the women in relief society couldn't stop talking about them hahahah.

Ok I gotta go..... But just know I am very alive, breathing, and doing well!

Pics: Sister Calderwood,  M&M world, Times Square!


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