Monday, March 9, 2015

Roller Coaster Ride

Hello again, 
This was once again a very good week!!!
I can't really remember what happened.... I just feel like I'm on a roller coaster or somethin.

Well on Thursday we went to a mission-wide meeting in the city. We rode with the Palmers, our senior couple, so I didn't have to drive :)) it was very nice to see my peeps and bffs there, and most importantly it was wonderful to hear from two general authorities! Elder Evans and his wife Mary came with Elder Allen. Boy, it was an edifying day. We thought they were coming to educate us on the new iPads we are getting, but nope! Rather, they trained us on how to be disciples- young disciples of Christ in the digital age. Lots of sweet revelation was received in that meeting :) some of you might have seen, from my facebook post, that we are putting facebook on hold for two months. The reason is this- the NYNYCS mission was a test mission, and now many more missions are receiving iPads to hasten the work. So even though our mission already knows how to use facebook effectively and use iPads as a tool, not a distraction, we have to take a step back and learn it again step by step with the other missions. How we are going to daily contact our investigators without facebook.....I have noooo clue. Pray for us. :)

You guys, our primary has the best missionaries in the worllllddddd! They are pumped about spreading the good news! We went to activity days and talked about the Book of Mormon. We had them write their testimonies in it and gave them the option of either giving it to someone, or having us give it to someone. They all wanted to personally give it to someone they know, and asked that we go with them to deliver it. Yayyyy I love kids! One of our investigators is 10, she's our members best friend, and she's pretty legit! 

So on Saturday we were doing lookups for daysss. J, our recent convert, was driving us. Then our less active member, K, called and wanted to come with us for some reason so we picked her up. IT WAS SO FUN. I couldn't stop laughing. K is this sweet black chick from South Carolina. We said "k, we can't take you home til you give away this Book of Mormon." She's like "yeaaaaah that's right I'm gonna give away a book of mormmmmon." Haa and she did give it away to someone we saw on the side of the street. He was actually very happy to receive it so that was cool. Aaaand we got a new investigator that day! Yay.

We taught Relief Society on Sunday. That was cool. We pushed visiting teaching, what else?! 

When Elders Evans and Allen came they talked about filters on our iPads. They didn't really say whether or not the new iPads will have filters, undoubtedly they will, but they did say this- "filters are good, but the real true filter is the heart and mind of the missionary." I thought about that for a minute. I thought about what "filters" I have set up for myself, not only for social media, but for the world around me as well. I thought about what more "filters" I can put up to become a more consecrated missionary. I thought about where my heart and mind really is. You can do the same! Are your heart and mind focused on the things Heavenly Father has in store for you, or are you swept away by the things of the world? If so, what filters will you set up for yourself? How will you get your heart and mind to where they need to be?
Just a thought :)

Xoxo love you ALL.

-Sister Layton

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