Monday, March 16, 2015

Soooo Busy!

My Dear family,

We have been soooo busy :) just the way I like it.
I don't even know what to say....

We had 2 back to back exchanges this week. It was exhausting! I missed
my little comp Sister Ewell so much! Not that I didn't enjoy
exchanging with Sisters Hartley and Slaugh, I just love my companion
so much! I was able to go to Hampton bays with Sis. H. It's SO PRETTY.
So many trees. I've never see anything quite like it. My exchange with
Sis. H was greaaaat :) I exchanged with her a few months ago, and
lemme tell you she is a FOREVER CHANGED human being. It was so fun for
me to see the change that had taken place in her in just a few months.
Missions change you, they truly do. #foreverchanged

As for the work, let me tell you what's been happening...

-We found a cute family. Remember the picture I sent of me shoveling
water for A? We've been back to visit her a few times, and we've
met her daughter and son. They are PURE and I think they actually see
us as representatives of Christ! Her 23 year old daughter kept saying
"I just feel Iike you guys are angels!" And she even started calling
herself "Sister D" when we explained why we go by "Sister" on our
mission. On our third visit with A she told us she met with Elders
about ten years ago, so that is why she immediately loved us when we
jumped out of our car to help her shovel water. Boy, I am grateful for
the Elders who planted that seed ten years ago... Who knows if she
would have been so open to us if she'd never met them. Please please
pray for A and her family :)

-Our less active, K, is CHANGING. Awww man it's so cool to see
her find herself and feel the spirit again. Sometimes it's hard to
"teach people, not lessons," but with K I always feel like the
spirit guides us to match her needs. We've had some cool chats. I
think I leave lessons with K having learned more than she did,
even though she was the one being taught.

-My fav girl T has a baptism date, buttttttt it's going to
require a lot of prayers and a lot of faith. PLEASE PRAY FOR T.
I beg you! She made a date to quit smoking by March 23 and be baptized
on April 21. We hope two of her daughters will be able to be baptized
with her. I gave her my CTR ring during a lesson ha, it fits right
above the knuckle on her index finger. It's perfect because she can
see it when she smokes :) I'm soooo pumped about Tiffany, her family
needs this gospel more than any family I've met here in New York. I
also know the adversary will work harder on them than any family I've
taught. That is why I beg you to include T and her family in
your prayers.

-I found out this week that................. They are opening a deaf
branch/group here on the island soon! Woooohooooo I'm so pumped. Looks
like we are going to start going ham on deaf hunting! I wish you could
have seen the joy on J's face when I told her the news. She was
literally screaming! She's been waiting for years for a deaf branch!

-Two minutes ago we had transfer calls. Im soooo happy. My girl Sis.
Ewell and I are staying together! I thought for sure she was out.
She's already been here 6 months! This is going to be the best
transfer EVER. eeeeeeee I'm on cloud 9 right now, seriously so happy.
All the elders in the loft are staying, except Elder Booth. So glad we
get to keep this Zion we've worked hard to build up.

I could go on and on. This week was amazing.
All I can say is I am HAPPY. Exhausted, but happy as can be :)))))
thank you for your prayers. We neeeeed them. Prayer is so real! I
can't even believe how real it is. My prayers are answered every
single day! Sister Ewell and I are never afraid to ask Heavenly Father
for very specific blessings, and never cease to be amazed when those
blessings are given to us.

Love you ALL. Keep the faith.
-Sister Layton

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