Monday, February 23, 2015

Miracles in Bayshore


First off, I need to make a shout out to my dearest MOLLI, who is leaving the mission field this week. I can't believe my Sister Layton III is going home! I know if it weren't for Sister Molli I wouldn't be the missionary I am today. Sometimes I just stop and think to myself "what would MOLLI do?" It usually works. When I entered the mission field, Molli started sending me her journal entries so I could learn from her and see the kind of missionary she was. From Molli, I've learned what it really means to be a successful missionary. I've learned to lose myself in the work, but not lose my personality while doing so. Molli says "there's no better feeling than truly having ZION. when you have ZION, you know it." She's right, there is no better feeling, especially when you have Zion in building up His kingdom. Take my picture to the airport, will ya? :)

Weekly highlights
-J! This is actually the highlight of my life, not just the week. I met J this week. She's a member of the Spanish Ward. She's the sweetest lady I ever did meet. But wait, it gets better.... J is deaf! She's realllyyyyyyy good at speaking Spanish and lip reading. She can speak pretty good English too! However, she doesn't know sign language. We went to her house for dinner on Thursday evening. I blessed the food in ASL and looked up to see tears flowing down her cheeks. She kept saying "I'm happy, so happy you're here, I'm so so happy!" While hugging me and crying. Hahahah. As the conversation went on (in English, Spanish, AND sign language hahaha) she told us a story. She has been praying for 9 months for an ASL sister to come to her. 9 months ago she had a dream....
She said "I was asleep, and had a dream. Heavenly Father came to me. He was a little bit upset with me. He was upset because I haven't learned sign language, and He told me very boldly that I must learn how to sign. I said 'but why? I don't need to, I can communicate fine!' Then I looked over and saw a whole congregation of people who are deaf that had been taught the gospel. I knew I had to learn sign language so I can help teach them.  She told me but first you have to teach me, teach me how to sign please, so I can teach them the gospel. You are my teacher, He sent you to me." Sister Ewell and I looked at each other in awe. The spirit there was surreal! We were all so happy together. I taught her some more sign language on Sunday, she's doing great! Aaand she has a ton of deaf friends who want to learn!!! 
Do you know what this means, people? The deaf people on Long Island are ready to accept the gospel!!! Im so pumped. 

-We went to our investigator, F's, sons grave with her for the anniversary of his death. It was a tender experience. How grateful I am to know families can be forever! 

-Guess what! My companion is friends with Jordan Buchanan! Who would've thought! That was definitely a highlight of the week when we made that connection.

-I called K(my ASL branch convert) on the Vp a few times this week... Good news, she's been accepted to a really good school for the deaf! When we met her she didn't even know how to sign! Now she's going to one of the best schools for the deaf! It's neat to see how much happier she is with the gospel in her life than it was before. 

-J got a Costco card so she can take us missionaries to Costco. Lololol best member EVER.

-I shoveled water yesterday.. And got a new investigator out of it! Heck yaaa. It snowed a tonnnnnnnnn on Saturday night.. I thought we were going to die on the highways. And then on Sunday it was about 40 degrees so all the snow melted. Everyone was trying to clear the water before it turned into ice...... It's allll ice now. 

-We have an investigator named F who asks us the craziest questions. My studies this week have been SO COOL thanks to her, I spent a lot of time finding answers to her bizarre questions. Sister E. and I have had so much fun studying together. I always thought the Bible was cool, but now we're obsessed! I make Sister Ewell read me the Bible while I drive hahaha. We love each other.

I LOVE Bayshore. I love love love it. I love these people. I keep telling President he has to keep me here for a while, because I don't want to leave! 

All is well, my friends. 
Peace, I'm out. Til next time.

Sister Layton

Sister Ewell & Sister Layton
Sister Ewell, Sister Layton & J
Sister Layton & J
Sister Layton at Bayshore Marina

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