Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Happy 20th Birthday Week

What a week!
It was totally crazy.
Almost all of our appointments fell through, which is weird. That
almost never happens to us. BUT, we didn't let that get us down, we
had a wonderful week nonetheless.
It snowed this week which was awfully annoying. My Yahoo weather app
shows it's nice and sunny in Utah! What's up with that? Jealous. :)

K I just want to share one story this week. Let's talk about P.
P is sweet! Aw mann I just love her to bits. Sister Ewell had only
taught her once before I got to Bayshore. We've been to see her quite
a few times since then. The first time I met her she explained that
she had some strange fungus rash on her head, so she always wore a
bandanna over it. No one could diagnose it, and no medicine could make
it go away. She says it n-e-v-e-r stops itching. Since I've known her
the rash has spread down her neck, back, stomach, and arms. Every time
we visited her she was itching more and more throughout the lesson.
From the beginning she wanted to have a Priesthood blessing. We had
tried to stop by a few times with the Elders when we were in the area
with them, but both times she wasn't home ://

So, let's fast forward to SundaySunday was going to be the BEST DAY
EVER. we had appointments set up with our favorite investigators, and
the day was just full of appointments. One by one the appointments all
fell through. Since it's the end of the month, we are nearly OUT of
miles, so we knew we couldn't keep doing lookups as a backup plan. It
was starting to get dark, and we aren't supposed to knock on doors
after 7... So what did we do?
We said a sincere prayer and explained to God our situation (even
though he already knew) and told him we were simply trying our best to
do His will. We asked Him to please lead us to where He needed us
tonight. We ended the prayer and sat there thinking for a moment. The
thought popped into my mind "let's go see P!" We'd never gone to see
her at night... She's usually only available in the afternoon, but we
decided to try anyways.
P  gave us big hugs and welcomed us right in. Her two grandkids were
there as well, so that was a bonus. I love little black kids :))))) as
we sat there I noticed P could NOT stop itching! I could see the
pain in her eyes! It got so bad that she was standing at the corner of
the wall itching her back on the wall! I was like "alright sister
Ewell, call the Elders, i don't care if they're not on the area, she
needs a blessing now!"
To our delight the Elders were only a few minutes away and they came
to the rescue!
We went onto the porch in the cold (there were no other men in the
house), and Elder Poole blessed her!
We went back inside, talked about how she felt during the blessing,
and then randomly started talking about reincarnation..... And how
it's not real lol. But something was different this time. What was
different is that P didn't itch her body for a good 30 minutes. She
didn't realize it, but Sister Ewell and I sure noticed. She looked so
calm. I couldn't believe it, I kept looking at Sister Ewell to see if
she noticed hahah.
Eventually we closed with a prayer and when we said "amen" P gasped
and said "ohhhh myyyyy gosssssshhhhhhhh. I haven't itched since the
blessing. Oh my gosh my head doesn't itch. My head has itched non-stop
for 3 months, and..... It doesn't itch! I don't feel anything! :0"
She looked at us in awe with her jaw dropped and her eyes wide open.
It was sweeeeeeeeet. We were able to bear solid testimony of the
Priesthood and how it has been restored to the earth.

That's all I wanted to tell you. Oh, also.... As we were talking about
how reincarnation isn't real P's 5 year old grandson was sitting in
the corner drawing a picture on one of those magnetic whiteboard
things. I didn't think much of it. As we were leaving he showed us
what he drew. It was a picture of Jesus. I didn't understand it, but
he explained to me "it's the guy you talk about and say his name when
you pray (Jesus), see he was buried in the ground, and there's arrows
because he was resurrected and then went to heaven."
It was cute! I didn't think he was listening to us talk!!! I'll send a
pic I took with him.

I gotta go! Have a blessed week and eat lots of cake for me on my
birthdayyyyyy. :))) for real tho, you got to, I'm turning 20 for
heavens sakes!
-Sister Layton

-Me and sister PETERSON. she's out of ASL and here on the island with
me :))) so excited. And she's my STL to make it even better.
-P's grandson.
-P's granddaughter. They're craaaazzzzyyyyyy little things.

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