Tuesday, February 10, 2015

BayShore and The Loft

Well, it's that time again.
Pday yayyyyy.
Guess what we did for pday? I think it's so funny. For pdays here we gather at the church as missionaries for "institute," and Elder Bushmann teaches us. He was an institute teacher for 40 years and he knows...... Uhhh everything. ITS SO COOL. we go deep. We ask questions about literally anything and he gives answers with scriptures to back it up off the top of his head. 

My family, I kid you not, this has been the best week of my LIFE.
Here's what happened:

I've been transferred to the promised land. For reals living the dream here. I'm in love. This is what I always imagined my mission to be like. Bayshore is sweeeet, full of old adorable houses. If you know anything about me, you know I love houses :) I've seen more cute houses in my past 5 days here than I have in my whole life haaa. Do I miss the city? Nope!!!! I thought I would miss it so much but NOPE. The Long Island missionary life is my kind of life :))) Our area is pretty big, for those who are interested in Google mapping my life, we cover...Wheatley Heights to Babylon and Copiague to Islandia. 

-The loft.
We live at the loft. It's one of the only apartment buildings in town. I like it a lot. WE HAVE A SPIRAL STAIRCASE, dream come true. We also have a brick wall! Google it- the loft of Bayshore. One weird thing about living in the Loft is that the District and Zone leaders live right next door. Weird, but convenient I guess. It's no surprise that our district has ZION. Our recent convert, Jessica, lives in the loft too! She's our BFF and comes out teaching with us everyday, not even kidding. The loft is fullll of investigators... It's fun, sometimes I feel like it's a dorm. The loft is less than a mile away from the ocean so sometimes if it's above 19 degrees outside we go running and watch the sunrise from the pier for a little bit :)))

-I'm the older AND taller companion.
Never thought the day would come that I'd be the taller companion. Miracles happen. My new companion is Sister Ewell from Vernal. She's the cutest little gymnast. Oh my she's so cool! We work great together! We're a lot alike, really. She is a hard worker and super obedient :) that's all I wish for in a companion. And she's the happiest little thing, always smiling. She wakes up smiling and goes to sleep smiling! I feel so so so so lucky to be with her! It's gonna be the best transfer of our lives.

-You guys, the members here are so GOOD. Great missionaries.
We get fed all the time! That's a first for my mission :) hahah Sister Ewell and I hardly ever eat food in the loft because we know at some point in the day members are going to make us eat food. On Tuesday the C's made us something amazing. Meatloaf cupcakes! With bacon wrapped around them. Mmmmm yum! Also, the C's learned that we can't reach our kitchen cabinets. So what did they do? They went ahead and built a stool! This isn't just any stool, Brother C wood burned it and made it pretty! It took two whole days. I think there's a pic on my facebook wall if you wanna see it. COOL RIGHT? No one in the city ever made me an artistic stool!

-2013 Subaru Legacy,
We have a carrrrr :))) bout time! No more subway for me! Hallelujiah! I, Sister Layton am driver because I'm senior companion. Remember how before my mission I dreaded driving? I love it now! Not even afraid of the highway anymore. #anythingforthekingdom. LIFE IS SO GOOD. except when it snows. Ugh.

Wellllll there's so many other things I could tell you, but that's it for today.
Now for my spiritual thought of the week for those who aren't bored yet:
President talked about what we call our "spiritual recovery rate" in transfer meeting. He and Sister Calderwood talked about aligning our will to our Heavenly Father's and Jesus Christ's will. It's like the the the last line in Ill Go Where a You Want Me To Go when we sing "I'll be what you want me to be." At times in our life we are going to feel sad, we are going to feel offended, we will feel anger, temptation, etc. it's part of life, we WILL feel these feelings. That's where our spiritual recovery rate comes in. It's fine to have those bad feelings for a little bit, it's completely fine to feel upset or discouraged for a little bit, but then we have to act appropriately and move forward. Because if we don't we will just be stuck and unable to progress. Our goal is to get our spiritual recovery rate as high as we can. It's similar to our heart rate when working, the higher the better. We can make our spiritual recovery pay rate higher by... Real-time repentance! As we repent, or simply ask for help and show God our desire to become better and align our will to HIS will, that is how we progress and become "forever changed," or rather, become what HE wants us to be. So that's one of my transfer goals- real-time repentance :)

KKKK peace and blessings.
If you pray for me, please pray for our investigator F, that she will have a desire to know for herself that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. Thank you :))

Sister Layton

Sister Ewell and Brother Cwith our stool!
Me, Sister Board, and Sister Robertson! We took a "mission heritage" photo.

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