Monday, August 4, 2014

Slumber Party & Cookie Dough

Hi fam! (And anyone else who reads this)
This is long by the way..... There's just so much to tell!

Shout out to my cousin Megee for getting a call to BUDAPEST. what the
flip. I look at my email on Wednesday and see an email that says "IM
GOING TO BUDAPEST HUNGARY." Lol I didn't even know Megee was expecting
her call..... But I'm so stoked to have another Sister Layton joining
Molli and I in the field! (And yes we are allowed to open our emails
everyday with our iPads.)

Pops, to answer the questions you emailed me....
-working with the zone
  --Ok, so I see everyone in my zone at least once a day if not more.
Whether it be passing on the street, in zone finding activities, at
the church, or on the bus. There are 14 missionaries in the zone and
we all cover the same area. The area isn't too big, it's pretty small,
and since we are all walking, it's not uncommon to see fellow
missionaries across the street. It's awesomeeeeee. We call ourselves
#zone4everchanged. Every TuesdayWednesday, and Friday we meet at the
church for what we call an elliptical. An elliptical is a finding
activity where we set out to talk to as many people as we can and get
as many contacts as possible in 1-2 hours. Each companionship takes a
turn planning the activity.
  --Examples of ellipticals: singing hymns at the metro stop, lemonade
stands, trash pick-up, shoe shine(which we do every friday,) Book of
Mormon placing, chalking the plan of salvation at the park, family
history stands, walking around holding signs with gospel related
questions on them, etc. At the end of the elliptical we meet back at
the church, share experiences, and exchange contact info. So if the
elders find an interested female, they will give us her
name/number/address... Or if we find someone who doesn't speak much
English we will give them to the the Spanish missionaries... The same
goes with YSA. We rarely get to keep the people we find. Of the 8
investigators we have right now, 4 of them came from other
    --Oh we also do service as a zone every Saturday with a man named
Dave. It's pretty cool I guess. He takes a lot of pictures and puts
them on Facebook, so I'm sure you'll see them if we're friends. OH

-how many formal sit down lessons are we teaching each day or week?
 --we honestly don't have a lot of formal sit down lessons. PEOPLE ARE
SO BUSY. IDK WHY. that's what you get in New York I guess. We try and
try and try but they are busy busy busy. This week we only had 3
lessons with investigators, but there was more than one investigator
at each lesson. 3 is a pretty good number for us :)))) I was happy.
New York is hard hahaha.

-do we have any serious investigators approaching baptism?
  --We have a few investigators who we can see getting baptized in
September, but we haven't extended the baptismal invitation yet... I'm
kinda scared because last time we invited someone to be baptized she
gladly accepted, the spirit was soooo strong, and then 2 days later
she fell off the face of the earth and blocked our calls. Bummer.

Other things of interest:
On Friday we had a slumber partyyyyyy! I'm so stupid and locked us out
of our pad. I didn't realize it until right when we were getting home
at 9:30pm. By then it was too late to call our landlord because he
lives far far away. So, after spending time climbing up and trying to
open the window and asking our neighbors to help us pick the lock, our
district leader told us to sleep with the YSA sisters. It was totally
awesome. I love sleepovers. No worries, we were in bed by 10:30.

Lately we've been working with Nyomi and her daughters. Sister Board
and I really struggle when it comes to teaching kids. I love children,
but when it comes to teaching, it's so hard! Like hello, they did
nottttt train us to teach families in the MTC. Anywho, we decided to
make a system and chose to try object lessons! We taught the gospel of
Jesus Christ through making cookie dough! It was so sweet, and they
actually understood it. #success Teaching simply is the key! We
decided we need more practice teaching families/children, so every
Monday we are going to host FHE at a members home! It should be fab
practice, we will be pro in no time.

This week my testimony of service has strengthened. About a month and
a half ago we saw a man(Harry) and his daughter(Olivia) struggling to
move furniture our of their car and into their apartment. We had
plans, but felt promoted to stop and ask if we could help. They gladly
accepted and we called the elders over because let's be honest, us
sisters aren't that strong. As we waited for the elders we talked to
Harry and Olivia for about 30 minutes and got to know them. Olivia was
soooo sweet. After we helped Harry we kept randomly running into him,
always having small talk and inviting him to learn more about our
church. He always said "yeah, maybe," with no specific date. About 3
weeks later he called us and asked if we could help them move some
more furniture, so we hurried over. Finally, this week Harry contacted
us and said he wanted us to come teach him and his wife on Sunday.
WHAT! Yayyyyy.
As we talked on Sunday they told us that their daughter, Olivia, has
been falling down a dark path and making bad choices. Harry told us
that as we talked to Olivia last month she transformed.... The good
came out of her, he saw light in her again. He saw the Olivia he used
to know. He knew that we had something special about us. The spirit
was so strong as we talked on Sunday. THEYRE SO PREPARED. I love it.
Anywho. If we had never stopped to offer them help even though we were
in a hurry, Harry never would have recognized us as servants of god,
and we wouldn't be teaching them now! Sister Board and I pray every
day that God will open our eyes to see unplanned service
opportunities. I know our eyes really have opened. There are
opportunities everywhere! Service softens hearts! Always be looking
for those opportunities to serve!!!

We went to Brooklyn today, it was pretty sweeeeeet. I'm in love with
New York and this beautiful work!
Peacin out,
-sister layton
Pics: sis board and I teaching the children, and Brooklyn bridge!
Sorry they're crappy quality. I don't have a cord to send the pics
from my camera to my iPad.

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