Friday, August 22, 2014


Today was so divine.
We went to Flushings! I belong there. It was heaven. I really truly
hope I serve there sometime. I felt like I was in China, or Korea, or
wherever. No one spoke English and all the signs were in ummm idk
mandarin maybe? All I know is I couldn't read them! I saw one white
person, so I talked to her, because hellooooo she was a white person
in this sea of Asians. We went to Flushings as a district to reward
ourselves for reaching our goal to #findtheforty this transfer. The
Koreans make very delicious Crepes with ice cream and Nutella and
banana and Oreos and everything you can imagine inside of them.
Then, we ate Korean food. Sister Peterson and I shared spicy octopus!
It was soooo divine.

Now, the work. It's been real, peeps.
N is progressing. We had three, yes three, lessons with their family
this week :)) K and V (N's daughters) are doing great
as well. They are my soul sisters. I had some great heart to heart
talks with both of them this week. N is for realllsss reading the
Book of Mormon. In fact she's already in 2 Nephi 17 as of Thursday!
Like what? 2 Nephi already?!
I invited N and one of her daughters to be baptized on Thursday.
The answer was "so, do you believe in hell?" I said "ummmm...." And
looked at Sister Board. She handled the situation very well. I love my
companion so much! On Sunday we invited them to be baptized again and
this time they accepted. And no I am not joking, I heard them say
"yes, I will," with my own ears! Hallelujah. Ummm we forgot to tell
them a date. So idk when it will be. We will figure that out. But it's
Pleaaaase pray for N, V, and K! I don't want to write
everything, but they neeeed help and neeeed your prayers! In my past
life I wasn't the best about praying for my cousins or friends
investigators because I didn't feel like I knew them or anything about
them. Well, this shall not be the case for you because I wrote a whole
email about nelly last week, so you know a lot about her!
Thanks guys you the best :)))))

I don't have a year to write about all the amazing lessons we had this
week, but it was just one of those really good weeks. I have so much
gratitude in my heart for all the ways my Heavenly Father blessed us
this week! Twas just one of those weeks where there is no doubt  that
the spirit is your third companion, the hands of The Lord assisting
you in the work are so apparent, the members are involved and excited,
people are eager to learn, and my spiritual cup is overflowing! Plus,
I can get Sister Board and I from one place to another without getting
lost. Heck yessss, I know my way around this town!

So Yesterday I'm sitting in Relief Society with one of the elders
investigators, ahna. It's a great spiritual lesson about teaching
children. A's phone rings reallll loud, she searches through her
purse for it and silences it. A few minutes later it rings again and
she digs through her purse to find it and silence it. It rings a third
time, so finally she answers it during Relief Society.... Hahahaha and
while she's on the phone ANOTHER phone rings from inside her purse, so
she finds that phone and answers it too. It was so hard for me to
contain my laughter as she sat there with 2 phones, one on each ear,
during Relief Society. Lololol.

We have threeeee dinner appointments this week. That is UNHEARD of
here in Astoria. I'm so excited. I love free food. And yes I am
gaining weight in case you were wondering. Let's just not talk about

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