Monday, September 21, 2015

Sprint to the End

Hey Everyone :)

THIS WEEK WAS SO GOOD.  A pure delight!

We started off the week with a mega zone conference featuring Elder
Bennet from the Quorum of the Seventy and his darling wife. Oh my LANDS. I was so
edified. The miracle is, he didn't prepare anything! The only thing he
brought with him was the Spirit. And let me tell you, the Spirit there
was so strong. It was pretty much a 5 hour discussion about things our
mission needs to change and things we can do better. I've loved
applying the things he challenged us to do... It's changing

After the conference I looked at our phone and saw we missed 17 calls
from The ASL sisters in the city. They gave me the most heartbreaking
news of my mission. Remember MC from the Union Square
branch? We visited her every week, she helped us find K, we spent
Christmas with her, and I called her every week on the VP when I left
the Union Square branch. Remember her? Well, she unexpectedly passed
away last Friday :( I just cried for a few minutes :( and then I felt
so happy for her. She was so limited here on earth. She always talked
about how she looked forward to the day when she could walk again,
hear again, and find a husband. I know she's doing all those things
right now hahah. I can't wait to meet her again in the Celestial
Kingdom and see her in her finally perfect body!! It will be a
beautiful day :,) SO grateful for a knowledge of the Plan of

Speaking of the Plan of Salvation, we taught the pre earth life to
F this week. I'm so happy it finally made sense to her. She
looked all confused, and then all of a sudden she got a HUGE smile on
her face and I knew she finally got it.❤️

Wednesday some cute members fed us salmon with PESTO. I had never even
thought to put pesto on salmon. It was heavenly! I love the members here.
I want to be like them.

We recently started teaching a less active members daughters. Their
dad is a congressman! The mom really wants them to get baptized and
the girls do too, so we are working on that :) The only problem is the
dad is kind of anti-Mormon, and they need his permission... But I know
that miracles will happen!

Thursday we did a lot of lookups in Mastic... And found some new
people! Yayyyyyyyyyyayayayayyaya. Finding new investigators is the
best. Sister Deuel and Seay we're pumped UP. Ahhh and on Saturday we
found the cutest little mom named T. I can't wait to see what
happens with her :) oh wait, I might not be here to see what happens,
so sad.

Friday and Sunday were pretty much deaf days. It's been so hard to get
the deaf people to church ahhhhh. The struggle is real since they are
all scattered among the island. We are meeting with the stake
president tomorrow to figure out a solution :)

Saturday is the day we were supposed to go to the temple with the
members who hadn't been before... But as always, Satan got in their
way and stopped them!  Seriously, he does NOT want our members to make
it to the temple. It just goes to show how important the temple is I
guess! No worries, we rescheduled and they WILL make it this time!

In other news the worst thing ever happened this week. If you know me
you know how much I don't love dogs. We share a house with a cute
young couple. They have a separate yard... But the landlord is doing
something with their yard, so they are now keeping their 3 HUGE
MONSTROUS dogs in our yard. Oh my. Every time we leave the apartment
is a leap of faith for me. I just sprint to the gate as quickly as
possible before they try to kill me! It's quite the comedy act for my
companions. They love laughing at my fear of dogs. On Sunday I didn't
go fast enough, and the tiger looking one tried to tear my dress off
of me.😑 Rude of him, I know. Pray for meeee.

I know my emails keep getting more and more boring as time goes by,
but let me tell you... The days keep getting BETTER AND BETTER. I'm
killing my companions hahah, I just have this "go, go, go, go, go, no
time to stop," mindset! The closer I get to the end the faster we are
sprinting :)))🏃🏻🏃🏻🏃🏻

I love ALL OF YOU.

Also... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ABBY AND MY MOM. my two favorite people and
biggest role models.🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈💥🎎🎉🎊🎎🎎🎎✨🎏👑

-Sister Layton

-last pday at fire island!
-we were matching :)))
-Sunday pics before church... I LOVE THEM so much. They are amazing
amazing amazing missionaries. They impress me, teach me, and make me
laugh everyday.
-we finished up sister deuels 12 week this week, so I made her a
graduation certificate lol.🎓 And now we we get to start right back at
week one for sister seay! Yayyyyyy I love 12 week. There is no better
way to get revelation for investigators than by doing 12 week role

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