Monday, September 14, 2015

September 14th!!


It's Sept. 14th! 
Do you know what that means? You should know what that means.
One month everybody. Get readyyyy.😁
And when I say get ready, I mean get ready for me to be an emotional wreck when I get home and be depressed about not being in New York. Jk I'm sure I will be fine.... I hope?

So this week was great.
Started it off with a WONDERFUL zone training meeting. The zone leaders really killed it. We counseled as a zone about the morning schedule and studying Preach My Gospel, how the two connect. I guess the mission as a whole has been struggling with following the morning schedule and studying Preach My Gospel everyday- two very very important things! Especially Preach My Gospel. Sometimes older missionaries forget to study it on a daily basis, thinking they already know what it takes to be a good missionary, but I treasure PMG. It's such a precious tool in the work of salvation. Just as the Book of Mormon was written by prophets for our day, Preach My Gospel was written by the prophet and apostles for me (and other missionaries), and if I study and apply it, I will not only bring others salvation to their souls, but I will become forever changed as well. I love the morning schedule, and hope to implement it into my life when I get home. I've noticed a difference in my days when I'm following the schedule exactly and when I'm not. It's so worth it to wake up on time, exercise, study on time etc. the days simply go better because we are blessed with the spirit. Studies can easily be my favorite time of the day as we feast upon the scriptures and talk about the gospel together. 
My companions and I have not only two hours of studies a day, but FOUR HOURS of studies. Personal study, companion study, language study, and twelve week. You'd think it would be a drag, but NO, it's beautiful. Never again in my life will I have 4 hours a day to study gospel principles. So blessed.❤️ 

One of the highlights from this week was Dinner at Sister R's. She is an AMAZING member. Oh myyyyyyyy. We went over prepared to be fed, talk about missionary work, and share a message. But ended up being more than that. She not only fed us with food, but fed us spiritually as well. She is SO CLOSE TO THE SPIRIT. She's Spanish so she often receives revelation through dreams. So jealous. She's a member I aspire to be like. Another reason why I am so blessed- The South Shore Ward is full of amazing women who are great examples to me. They help me get a picture of the kind of person I'd like to be like after my mission.

We have a temple trip this Saturday, so we've been prepping members and getting them pumped to go! Two young women ages 16 and 15 have never gone, but we got them pumped and have been sending them thoughts about the temple over iMessage everyday. The 16 year olds mother has been a member for 25 years and NEVER gone to the temple...... Saturday will be her first time. We are STOKED.👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Going to the temple will be a BLESSING for all three of them. I think we're going with them, so that should be fun :) 

Friday an 8 year old boy in the Ward got baptized. We visited him and his darling mother last week and helped him make a list of friends he could invite to come. One of his friends came, and now that little friend is like "I want to get baptized too!!!!!" Ha so maybe we will get to teach him, we will see :) 

Hmmmmmm what else shall I update you on?
I got to interpret a lesson on the law of chastity on Sunday. Loved every minute of it.😑
My two companions are still doing amazing. Sister Seay is so brave to try to interpret in church and teach investigators with the little ASL she knows. Sister Deuels ASL skills are beautiful. She's a really diligent missionary. Our first night together I decided I wanted to do a cheesy little thing with them every night as we lay in our beds..... We each go around and say one miracle of the day and one reason why we love each other. I love it because no matter how good or bad they day went, we all go to bed on a good note feeling good about ourselves :)

Friday night we signed up to feed the other sisters in our Ward dinner, and made them cafe rio salads :))) yum! Sunday morning we had the district over for a quick breakfast before studies on our patio. We made crepes! It's been funnnn over here!

Our investigators are slowly progressing. There's a few major stumbling blocks in the road, but we can and will conquer them! 

Wellllllp gotta go. Love you allllll!
-Sister Layton

Pics: the sisters in the zone, 
Car selfie,
Eating lunch. Haaaaaaa we take random pics sometimes.
A woman we looked up lived right by the water!!

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