Monday, July 6, 2015

Welcome President & Sister Reynolds

Hello hello.
Can't believe it's already Monday... What on earth.

This week was pretty good, and pretty weird.
K I don't have lots of time to write because we're going to the
lighthouse and the beach today sooo.... I think I'll just send a few
pics and tell you about em to summarize my week :))

1. Suffolk County Park has the most beautiful trail that leads to the
beach. When needed, we take our lunch breaks here and chill in the
sun. It's the bestttttt. I love nature walks!

2. Reunited at mission conference with "my gurl," Sster Peterson and
her darling new trainee! The new ASL sisters are perfect! I have so
much confidence they will keep up the deaf work as my ASL sisters and
I leave these next few transfers. Mission conference was SO fun! I
love President and Sister Reynolds. They're sweet, funny, spiritual,
loving, aaaaannd short! Like me! Sister Reynolds might actually be
shorter than me. It's great, I feel right at home! But really, we are
so grateful to have them here. The spirit was SO UNREAL as President
and Sister Reynolds introduced themselves. I have no doubt they were
called of God to direct our mission. Aww mannn I love the NYNYS
mission :)

3. The companion and I with Y at mission conference. He comes to
every mission conference/transfer meeting and takes pictures with
EVERY missionary for our parents to see on FB. lollll it's hilarious.

4. I had a fantabulous exchange with Sister Vandertoolen... We did
some service with neighboring districts..... What we did was pulled
patches of weeds, only to replace them with "better" weeds named
milkweed. According to S, monarch butterflies are going extinct,
but milkweed is very good for them. Who knew! S knew wayyy too
much about weeds... Hahaha. #savethemonarchs
5. S is a recent convert who knows ASL and is moving to Idaho. noooo :((((

6. Theeeee Sister Vandertoolen and I in our patriotic 4th of July
clothing. Independence Day was SO GOOD. President interviews happened
in the morning. Gotta love those. In the afternoon/ evening we went to
3 BBQs and ate wayyy too much food because who shows up to BBQs and
doesn't eat?! 2 of the BBQs were at members, and the last one was At
Js brothers house... her mom invited us! Miracles happen. They
live on the water and have the most beautiful view of the bay from
their backyard. But wait it gets better, they invited us to Js
sisters baby shower next week and J gave me permission to give
her mom a Book of Mormon there. Yayy! I'll let ya know how that goes.

7. Independence Day night! After planning we went out in the parking
lot of our apartment complex with the hermanas, Elders, and J
and lighted sparklers! (Which are allowed in our mission in case you
were wondering.) People all over town were setting off fireworks allll
dayyy long! Yes, even when it was light! Fireworks are strictly
illegal, but everyone does it anyways so the cops can't really do
anything about it... So, we went to the 4th floor balcony and watched
the fireworks together while singing songs before 10:30. It was a good
time. The loft life is the best life. Elder Sainteran has all the pics
on his camera, so what I'm sending you is the best pic I've got.

Teaching wise, we had a rough week. Our investigators seem to have
swept off the planet earth. We're hoping they come back soon.....
However, we taught some less active members that we hadn't been able
to contact foreverrrrr!!! Can't win em all, am I right?

Alright, that's all.
Talk to you next week! Please keep praying for my companion and I,
that we can get this work moving! Love you!!!!
-Sister Layton

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