Monday, July 20, 2015

Thank You Bayshore!


We had a crazy crazy week. Craziness everywhere!
I got a new companion, her name is J J. Just kidding, J isn't my companion, I'm still in a trio with the Hermanas, and still don't have an English companion, but J came out with me so many times last week that it felt like she was my companion hahah. I love her sooooo much!!! 

Last pday we went to Brooklyn Bridge, as I mentioned last week. It was so fun to be in the city again. I LOVE Brooklyn!!! It makes me feel hipster.✌🏼 We met some of our mission peeps there. I love our NYNYS missionaries! A lot of my best mission friends are going home tomorrow :( lame sauce.
Monday evening I learned how to make tortillas at a Spanish members house!!!!!!! Check that one off the bucket list. Oh, and don't let me get started on how much food the Spanish people gave us again this week. Idk how the Hermanas manage to eat so much. I can never finish my food. In the words of Hermana Eberhard, "the gift of tounges is not just for speaking." Lol. 

Attention: we just got transfer calls..... I'm OUT. what! This is very very unexpected. We all thought I would stay. Nope! I'm pretty sure I know where I'm going. The South Shore ASL sisters are preparing for a trio, so I'm probably joining them! Yayyyyy it's a dream come true. I feel like shedding tears of joy knowing that I will be sweet Sister Passeys last companion!!!! Okay, so everyone start praying for me to have the gift of hands again, because I definitely lost ALL my ASL skills. 

Welllll I don't know what else to write about. We actually had some beautiful teaching experiences this week and found THE CUTEST MOST PURE IN HEART NEW INVESTIGATOR. too bad I'm leaving. S's baptism is happening soon, I'm going to miss that too!:( and the twins baptism, etc, etc, etc. I have so many mixed emotions about this move!

I'm going to miss Bayshore... Especially J. Idk what life will be like without J. She's the best neighbor/member/friend/sister/everything. I'm going to miss living at the loft too! And the Hermanas! It's s o  m u c h  f u n having all the missionaries in the same building. On Saturday we had a ward service project and I felt so at home. I had this weird slow motion experience happen to me... It was like I was standing there and I spun in a circle while looking at all the members. I can't really describe what happened. But I remember just thinking how much I have grown to love this Ward family! Bayshore has been too good to me. 

It's like a flaming fiery furnace over here. So much heat! We are dying hahah. On days like this I'm grateful I'm not a walking missionary :)

Anyways. I love you all. I love the gospel. I love THE BOOK OF MORMON.<---- it's true, by the way. I love teaching people about Christ. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY IN NEW YORK. okay, enough of that. 

Til next week,.
-Sister Layton
Here's some pday pics....
The Hermanas and I.
SISTER VASQUEZ. I love her. She goes home with me in October.
My first tortilla! It's terrible lighting, I know. Oh this little girl is the cutest. When the Hermanas teach her mom she just plays with my hair and paints my nails because I only know paquito espanol!


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