Monday, July 13, 2015


Dear Familia,

This week was absolutely insane! Most crazy week of my mission. I was sent to the Spanish program! My Spanish is getting pretty good, to the point that I can speak short sentences now. Yay. I'll tell you what happened. My companion, Sis H, left. So my new companions are Hermana Zambito and Hermana Eberhard. Hermana Zambito is from Germany/Italy/England and has the most adorable accent. Hermana Eberhard is from Arizona and is so sweet and fun. We were supposed to combine pools, but they have so much work to do so we really just work in their pool and I have to find members to be my companion for a few hours. Transfers is next week so I'll only be with them for one more week.

The pros of living with the Hermanas: they're hilarious, and they get fed realllyyyyy good food.
The cons of living with the Hermanas: they get fed toooo muchhhhh really good food. 
I keep telling people I only want paquito, but they fill up my whole plate! It's terrible, especially when multiple people give you food at night. At one point I just scooped all my food onto Hermana Eberhards plate when the woman wasn't looking because I couldn't put any more food into my mouth! Lol.

But really, it's been great. We've seen lots of miracles in this trio. For example, we went to lookup someone in my area book, and ended up finding an awesome Dominican family for the Hermanas living next door! We also found 2 new investigators for my pool, thank goodness, because all our current investigators seem to think they're too busy for the gospel at the moment. The Hermanas investigators are really cool. And most of them speak English, so I get to help teach! 

In other news, there's really not that much news. 7/11 happened so C (a member) and I got freeeee slurpies. She's my age, so it was fun having her as a companion for a day. I felt like I was just chillin out and knocking on doors with my good friend! There's a deaf young woman in the Spanish Ward, so I interpreted for her in the English Ward on Sunday and afterwards she said I can teach her deaf friends!. We will see how that goes. 

I didn't get to give J's mom a Book of Mormon for those of you who are wondering :( anyways, I'm super grateful to be here! My situation is a little bit crazy, but I know this is where I'm supposed to be. The Spanish members are so charitable and loving towards everyone. It's amazing! I love the Hispanic culture. I've learned a lot from the Hermanas about love. The minute Sister Hardman left, they took me right in and loved me as if I'd been with them all along! Life is goooooddddd. Miracles are happening all over the place,  

We are going to the Brooklyn bridge today! A trip to the city is just what the doctor ordered after a crazy week. 
1. The Hermanas had a baptism planned for Wednesday, and it fell through on Tuesday. They were kind of freaking out, and I was still in shock that Sister Hardman left, so it was a hard day for all of us. Next thing we know Elder Ashby is at our door with trail mix. Lolllll funniest thing of my life. 

Ok gotta goooooo bye love you all!
Sister Layton


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