Friday, December 5, 2014

It's December

Hey Fam!

It's December!!
That was the fastest no-shave November of my life! Time flies.
I'm currently sitting outside, it's 61 degrees out. It's lovely.

This Thanksgiving week was wonderful.
The mission-wide turkey bowl was a success. I love that my mission is
small enough to gather everyone together and do things like that. The
NYNYCS mission is the place to be, I'm tellin ya.
After the turkey bowl we rushed to Manhattan for Thanksgiving with the
members who don't have family. We had a feast, some good laughs, and
played some games with the deaf children. They loved it! Everyone was
nice enough to say they liked the pasta salad and pumpkin bars I made.
The Elders loved the pumpkin bars lol, they ate piece after piece! I
thought I might feel homesick on Thanksgiving, but I didn't! I love
our members sooo much, I always feel at home with them!!

Oh! The #heisthegift initiative started! Gotta love spreading that
Christmas cheer. It's been humbling. I thought I was good at
fearlessing, but I felt so awkward placing my first #heisthegift
pass-along card. Hahaha. Still figuring out the best way to
effectively do it so people will actually want to watch the video.

K I really can't remember what happened this week....
We did lots of deaf lookups from the area book. Everyone had moved
hahah. It was a bummer, but we had to get it done!

Ok I have to go no time to write!! But I willl send some pictures :)
-the MTC crew back together. I LOVE sisters Barker and Peterson.
-Thanksgiving with theeee cutest little deaf girl in the branch. She
has the bluest eyes and gives the longest hugs.

Love you all!!!
-Sister Layton

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