Monday, December 8, 2014

Good News

Hey Family,
Well, that sure was a quick week.
Someone once described a mission as a paddle boat on a stream. You start out paddling as fast as you can, just trying to make it to the finish. Then you hit a point in the stream where the current(is that the right word?) is strong and the boat is carried swiftly down the stream without the need for a paddle, so you kinda just sit there, enjoying the journey as it passes by. Well, the current starts getting faster and faster and before you know it you start back-paddling because the boat is going too fast and you don't want the journey to end! That's me now. I know I'm only seven months old, but I never want this mission thing to end! I love it.

We did a trio exchange with the lovely Sister Myers. I love Sister Training Leaders, I really do. They bring so much happiness and energy. For this exchange Sister Myers brought a bit more than the usual happiness and energy. She brought the car!! Sister Passey and I never realized how much more effective the work is with a car! Especially in our never ending area. We felt like it would be a good idea to take advantage of the car, so we cancelled appointments and spent the whole day doing lookups. It was GREAT. we found some p u r e in h e a r t families who gave us their vp number and we're hoping they'll become new investigators soon. :)))

I've realized something this week. The area book is like our Liahona! The iPad I have is the coolest tool ever! And like Liahona, it works according to our faith and diligence. For weeks I let the area book overwhelm me. Since we are still reopening the area from 8 years ago there's SO MANY unfamiliar names in unfamiliar places. Plus most of the people have moved and hardly any of the phone numbers are in service. However, I firmly believe there are people in our area book who are simply waiting for us to find them!! Because of that belief we have been studying our area book like crazy! We spent hours clearing it up, and it looks a little bit better than before. :) 

You guys, our stake had a Christmas concert this week. IT WAS AMAZING. We went with some members and potentials. New York Christmas concerts are the real deal. It was like Broadway, really. Many of the performers actually work on Broadway for a living. Sweet, yeah? To make it better they had Broadway interpreters there signing for our deaf members. They were beautiful, it was like a dance. In fact, I took off my cochlear implant for part of the concert and just enjoyed the interpreters. 'Twas a good experience.

K is getting baptized. Next Sunday, the 14th. She's getting baptized! She's come so far, I'm so proud of her. She has such a desire to be baptized. She doesn't know everything, but she knows the simple truths. When you ask her why she wants to be baptized she... Oh gosh I can't describe sign language in English..... But the point is that she reallyyy wants to be clean again and be happy.

How is everyone doing with #sharethegift? This is something we all must do! Mosiah 3:20 says 
"And moreover, I say unto you, that the time shall come when the knowledge of a Savior shall spread throughout every nation, kindred, tongue, and people." That time is now. Jesus Christ is that Savior. He is the greatest gift. Why would we not invite others to discover him?! I LOVE CHRISTMAS IN NEW YORK. Here's a common occurrence for me: when trying to give out He Is The Gift cards I say "are you excited for Christmas?!!!" Sometimes I get "YES!" But oftentimes I get "I'm Hindu......" Or "I'm Jewish....." So I say "oh! Wow! You probably wonder what Christmas is all about then! Hey, our church actually made a two minute video that explains why we celebrate Christmas, here, you can watch it at this website" and proceed to either give them a card or show them the video on my iPad. It's so fun! 

Shoutout to my dearest family for sending me the most darling package ever. The 25 days of Christmas thing is theeeee best. I love opening a present every morning! I'm excited to talk to you in 17 days! Also, my branch thinks you're beautiful human beings, because you are. I showed them pictures.

Transfer calls are next week.... If I don't stay ASL I will be very sad.

Sister Layton

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