Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Dog Walkers


Right now I'm on a subway. There's 4 white people in sight. Lots of
Chinese and Phillipino friends too. The man sitting next to me is
sound asleep, idk how, the subway is very bumpy and loud. New York is
da bestttttt. Sister B and I are on our way to Hunters Point!
(Hunters point is the place on the river where you can see the view of
Manhattan.) we are going to have a picnic :))) we even bought snapple
for the occasion! Best pday ever.

Today I waved to the professional dog walker from across the street
and he WAVED BACK. Dream come true. I love seeing the dog walker.  Did
you know professional dog walkers exist here In New York?  They walk
around the city with 7 dogs and get PAID to do it!  Wowowow!  If I didn't
hate dogs it would be my dream profession.

Update: we made it to Hunters Point. My sandwich was delicious. It had
avocado in it :))) It's so peaceful here. It's very similar to the
Legacy Parkway trail... Lots of beautiful weeds on the river, a
walking trail, and benches for people to sit on. The only difference
is there's a bunch of buildings clumped together right in front of me
instead of a mountain.
I can't really describe it, I'll have Sister B take a pic! Except
I can't send the pic today because Sister P has my card reader
and left it at her apt -__- next week!

So Friday morning Sister B and I stopped at the church during our
morning run to use the restroom aaaaand the hobo was sleeping on the
couch again! Did I tell you about him a few weeks ago? I can't
remember. Well this morning we walked in the church early and
 he was there AGAIN! I told him he really needs to find a
house as he was running our the door hahahah. We cannot figure out how
he gets in, but shall figure out this mystery and let you know.

Another #newyork prob.... Sister B and I got separated on the
subway! Hahahah. The thing with the subway is, after the conductor
says with his deep voice "stand clear of the closing doors, please"
the doors close without question and do not open again. I got on the
subway, heard the conductor say "stand clear of the closing doors,
please" turned around, and saw Sister B was not on the subway and
the doors were closed! Hahahahah noooo. No worries we made a system
for in case this ever happened and met at the next stop. But what's
funny is that while Sister B was waiting for the next train to
come by the Elders showed up.... They looked at her weird and said
"uhhhh where is Sister Layton....?" Hahahaha they probably think we
are the worst missionaries.

I went on exchanges with Sister M again this week. She's so
great. One of those people I hope to be like when I grow up. We
witnessed so many miracles right in a row. Like boom, boom, boom. It
was crazy! At the end of the day we looked at each other and said "did
today really just happen? That was amazing!" I love seeing miracles
happen, it's the best part of the mission :)

Speaking of miracles, on Thursday we had a dinner appointment with
some members. Sister B and I like to be right on time to dinner
appointments so we can gain the members trust. We started walking to
the bus, and as we were walking we saw one of our potentials down the
street. We knew we needed to talk to her, but we also knew that if we
stopped and talked to her we would miss the bus and be like 30 minutes
late to our apt! Like helloooo we cannot be 30 minutes late!. I said a
prayer in my heart that Heavenly Father would provide a way to us to
get to our appointment on time if we stopped and talked to this woman.
Anyways, we talked to her for a while and it hit 4:50, our appointment started
in 10 minutes! We RAN to the bus stop, praying the whole way, hoping a
bus would be off schedule and come soon, but no. It wasn't going to
come for 15 minutes and then it would be another 20 minutes to get to
the members house! I sighed and looked at the ground. Thennn, a white
car pulls to the curb and someone says "get in, we're taking you where
you need to be!" I look up and see our investigators, the T family.
:))))) 'twas a miracle. Heavenly Father answered my simple but sincere
prayer. It may not have been that big of a deal if we were late to our
dinner apt, but Heavenly Father knew it was important to me. I have a
testimony that God really IS in the details of our lives. What's
important to us is important to him.
(The T family are the people we helped move furniture for a few weeks
ago and now we are teaching them. No baptism date yet, but I love

N is doing so good. Sister B and I are continuing to learn so
much as we teach her. We stop by a couple times a week to talk about
very important things like the word of wisdom, Joseph Smith, what the
word exalted means, and all that jazz. She's concerned she's not
receiving answers, yet she bears her testimony to us all the time.
Then at church she drags us into the bathroom and has a freak out
session like a little girl because she feels like every talk was meant
for her to hear!  So we are very confused as to why she doesn't think
she's receiving answers. Sept. 20th is still the set day for her baptism, she's
getting excited! I really do think she will be ready by then!
Pleaaaase pray that she can have the strength and faith she needs to
keep the commandments. Thanks peeps.

If I had time I would tell you about the drunk lady who needed our
help finding her monkey hahahahahahhahaahha. Butttt I don't have time.
Tough luck!

Love you so much!
Sister K. Layton

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