Monday, September 22, 2014

Sister Layton on Layton Street

Hi guys!

I don't know what to talk about today. Surprise! This never happens.
My emails are always like a year and a half long.

I guess we can hit the highlights of the week:
-N's baptism date has been changed again! It's not necessarily a
highlight, but it's something new. She's having a hard time with
tithing, but I know her heart will be softened to it over time and she
will understand it truly is a commandment of God. :) she met with
Bishop and he said he had a strong feeling she needs to wait a few
more weeks, so we're going with his keys and waiting a few weeks! She
will get there, I know she will, but we just have to have patience!

-Sisterwide exchanges happened this week. I stayed here in Astoria and
ran the pool with another sister! She was so very nice and fun, but at
the end of the day I was sooooo ready to have Sister Board back!!!
Sister Board and I both gained a greater appreciation for having each
other as companions that day. I'm so blessed to have a companion who
is willing to try her hardest to be exactly obedient with me! I've
learned a lot about obedience this week :) I love this principle! My
testimony of obedience had been strengthened as we have not only
taught it, but have also lived what we teach. I have no doubts that
obedience brings forth blessings and miracles. D&C 130:20-21 is my
most valuable scripture of the week.

-We have an investigator who is blind. His name is G! Well
actually he's the Elders investigator, but we teach him sometimes.
Sister Board always forgets he's blind and asks him to read a
scripture or asks him if he saw something. Lololol I die. It's so
funny to me that she always forgets.

-We went to the beach on Saturday :)))) there was a stake service
activity at Far Rockaway, out on the island! I, my favorite New
Yorker, drove us there. I HAD SO MUCH FUN IN THE CAR. I love/miss
cars. I may be in her 50s but she's 17 at heart and can make me
laugh like none other. Also, NEW YORK IS SO BEAUTIFUL, I think. It's
so green! And there are so many cute old houses all smashed together.

-Special K cereal was on sale this week. Its a highlight of the week
for sure. SPECIAL K CEREAL, everyone.

-I have a new obsession. It's called hot water. You see, I ran out of
hot chocolate, but I don't want to buy any more in case I get
transferred next week. However, I neeeeed something warm to sip on
while I study in the morning. It's freezing over here in the early
hours! Therefore, I heat up my water in the microwave and sip on it
with my straw. It's delightful! I don't think I will ever go back to
drinking cold water. Sister Board thinks I'm crazy hahahha.

Have a very happy week everyone.
-Your favorite Sister Layton

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