Friday, June 6, 2014

Hello Everyone!

hello everyone!

Here's the updates for this week..... :)

-I only have 10 days left here!! Thank the heavens. Yesterday my companion and I wasted 20 minutes of study time walking over the Brooklyn bridge and through the streets of New York on google maps, so yeah I think it's safe to say we're ready to be there NOW. I still love the MTC, but things are starting to slowly die down. 

-My district has been practicing the hymn "come thou font of every blessing," the past few weeks, and we were chosen to perform at the departure devotional on Sunday! We have a sweet arrangement on the piano with 3 singers, and 2 signers. I'm signing, of course. I'm slightly nervous, I've never performed in my life!! You're all invited to come watch, but not really, because no visitors allowed at the MTC -__- In case you're wondering what an ASL song might look like you can type in "his hands ASL Susan Layton" on youtube. She really gets into the song hahaha, and we even have the same last name.

-In case anyone was worrying, my Cochlear Implant isn't broken anymore. I went home on Wednesday and got it fixed. Hallelujia, I can hear again! Here's something funny- when I returned to the MTC from my first Cochlear implant appointment everyone felt so bad because I was so depressed that I couldn't hear.... everyone except Elder Leinenger (the deaf elder). Hahahah he was stoked I couldn't hear, he was seriously cheering! He wants me to take off my Cochlear Implant and be deaf forever and always hahah. I don't think he was too pleased when I got it fixed. :)

-In the 4 weeks I've been here, I've yet to hear my teachers voice. In 9 days Sister Daniel (my teacher) is going to talk to us with her VOICE. It's going to be so weird. I don't know if I even want to hear her voice. 

-I've been reading the Book of Mormon like a madman! Last week I decided i wanted to try to read/mark the whole Book of Mormon so I can give it to someone at the airport. So far I'm only at Mosiah 11, but maybe I can finish the next 364 pages in the next 11 days..... yeah maybe not... but the book is just so good! I feel like I'm reading Harry Potter and can't stop! The only difference is the Book of Mormon is a real life true story, and Harry Potter isn't.

-Every night my companion and I study outside on our bench. Yes, we have a bench, and everyone knows it's our bench. Right next to our bench is a tree that for reals smells like cream soda. So sometimes when we're studying Elders will randomly walk by and start sniffing the tree. It's so funny.
-Here's another funny story: So, my mom got me some new cute shoes. On Wednesday as I was wearing them for the first time I noticed the shoes were starting to give me a blister. We were two steps away from the medical office, so I walk in the office and say "hi can i have a bandaid?" Well, instead of just giving me a bandaid they made me fill out a bunch of papers and go through a whole foot exam... And then after all that they gave me my bandaid. The MTC is so weird, I'm tellin' ya, so so weird.

okayyyy that's all the news I got. 
Everyone write me. I neeeed fan mail.
Sister Layton III

the district signing cheese. 

Sometimes in ASL its easy to find yourself mouthing every word as you sign it. Wellllll, you arent supposed to do that because, well, I don't really know why. It's just weird I guess. so yesterday our teacher brought tape to class and taped our mouths closed

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