Sunday, June 1, 2014

Hello Everyone!

Hello everyone! 
Today I get to email you all from home sweet Centerville! That's right, I'm back. No worries, it's only for a day. Today I got a new Cochlear Implant.... I'm not very happy about it, I can't hear anything! The audiologist said I'll get used to the new sound in a few days, but in the mean time, it sure is a good thing I don't have to worry about talking in the MTC!

So. Major news this week....
-Sat front row at yet another apostle... this time it was Russell M. Nelson. I don't really remember anything he said to be completely honest, but his wife gave a great talk about desperation and being desperate in all things. At the end of the devotional they made me interpret the prayer and let me tell you, I failed miserably hahahaah. I have a loooong ways to go until I'll be able to interpret.
-Oh I got a new companion... no big deal. Her name is Sister Peterson! On WednesdayI was innocently sitting in my class when all of a sudden we get a call from the intercom saying "Hello, we need Sister Layton to come to the front desk (long long pause) she needs to pick up (looooong pause) her new companion Sister Peterson." WHAT! I had no clue I was getting a new companion. Sister Peterson and I connected on Facebook when we got our calls to the same mission and texted/called each other all the time, but she had things going on at home and we didn't know when she would be able to report to the MTC. I was sooooo excited to finally see her! She's such a blessing. It doesn't really feel like I have a new companion, it just feels like another Sister joined our trio because we still do everything with my old companions.
-This week the imaginary cell phone pocket vibrations stopped. Thank the heavens. 
-Today at the doctors office they asked me to sign my name and I had to think for a good two seconds about what my first name is hahahahah. It's not even weird to be called Sister Layton anymore.
-Perks of being an ASL missionary: we have deaf investigators!! Do you realize what this means? It means that if at any time of the lesson you desperately need to tell you companion something, you can pretend you're itching your nose and cover your mouth while quickly whispering to your companion. We do it allllll the time, especially when the investigator is looking down at a picture or something. Lessons are so fun, I love teaching...... when I can understand, that is. :) 

I no other interesting news to report. 
Here's pics.... one of me and sister barker at the temple, and one of me and my new comp... she's the blonde one :)

Huge shout out to all my Viewmont grads... So proud of y'all. It's weird to think that a year ago today I was graduating. Time flies!!

Have a fabulous week everyone!
Sister Layton

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