Monday, June 22, 2015

My Week in Pictures


We had a WONDERFUL week!  Did you? I sure hope so.

Yesterday was the first day of summer, and boy oh boy, we felt the
heat. Gotta love sweating through teaching appointments!
I think I will talk about my week through PICTURES. I have a bunch on
my iPad that I may as well share with you.

#1. We spent most of Tuesday traveling to, in, and from Manhattan for
Sister Hardman's doctors appointment so it was a wee bit boring and a
tad bit long. But we made it through just fine! And oh my goodness
when we left the doctors appointment it started POURING. well, I was
not prepared because I had forgotten that sometimes in the city it can
be nice and sunny and the start raining cats and dogs. So I ran
through the city to the subway and got drenched! Good times. The only
photo we took that day was of me and Elder Goff! His companion was
seeing the doctor as well, so we talked in the waiting room for a bit.
He's from bountiful so we have lots of mutual friends!

#2. ZTM (zone training meeting) WAS WONDERFUL. we have a good zone. We
played jeopardy for online prosecuting rules and listened to inspiring
workshops. One of my favorite feelings as a missionary is the feeling
of unity you get as you sit with a group of consecrated missionaries
and counsel together! For a break the zone leaders and STLs bought
cereal and milk for everyone, so that's why we're gathered around the
table in the picture.

#3. An inactive member, J and her son had us over for dinner! She
prepared a FEAST, I tell you. A feast. I hadn't eaten so fancy
since..... Idk when. She doesn't remember anything about the church,
really, so we had a nice conversation about the restoration as we ate.
We think/hope her son will meet with the elders! And thennnn as we
were about to leave she says "oh, I picked up some groceries for you
all. My mom reminded me you only get $30 dollars a month for food..."
She didn't just pick up some groceries for us, she picked up enough
groceries to last my last 4.5 months as a missionary!!!! I was
shocked! The elders were pretty happy about it. We shared with them.
(By the way we get more than $30 a month for food. Her mom was mistaken)

#4. This is T and 4 of her 5 little girls. They are adorable but
such a handful. When we pray with them at the beginning and end of
lessons it gets a little crazy, everyone is climbing on top of each
other and touching each other ha! We always teach them outside and
they are always in their swimsuits hahahah. We acted out the tree of
life with them this week.. It was fun!! They neeeeed prayers! Pray for
them :)
OH, when we went to T's on Thursday, a young man named T was
there! When he saw me he said "Hey, I know you!" I didn't remember
him, but he went on to tell me that one time during a blizzard I
walked up to him at a bus stop and said "it's cold!" and then started
talking to him about his family and all sorts of random things and
gave him a little card inviting him to church. After he told me that I
remembered the one day in February when I randomly said to Sister
Ewell "Let's go walk to that bus stop by our house and see if anyone
is there to fearless!" So we did. And we met T. I just find it so
interesting that the one time I decide to go fearlessing on Long
Island I run into the person again! Coincidence? I think not. He gave
us his phone numbers so the elders can go teach him :))) yay for T!
#5. This is my companion Sister Amanda Mae Hardman. I love her
dearly!! It's been a BLAST training her. We have lots of fun together
:)))) Last week was very hard and emotionally exhausting for Sister
Hardman :( we have more doctors appointments in the city for her this
week, so please keep her in your prayers!!! I don't want her to go
homeeee. This picture is when we got pizza with the elders after doing
service for a man that runs the West Islip Beautification society. We
weeded a beautiful flower garden. I love doing service!!! Oh, and then
the old man kissed me (on the cheek) as we were leaving. The elders
thought it was hilarious.

#6. This is S (in the middle), her cousin, and N!  S is getting baptized
 soon- on July 12th, so keep her in your prayers.
She's the smartest 12 year old I've ever met. She understands
everything we give her to read and completely absorbs the truth. She's
going to girls camp with the young women before she gets baptized
hahah. She actually will get baptized the day after she gets back! I'm
excited, I think it will be SO good for her! Tonight we are doing FHE
with her fam :)

#7. Hermana Zambito and I! Her and Hermana Eberhard still come write
in their journals with us every night after planning. I LOVE them! My
favorite Hermanas ever!!!

Okkk that's all!
Love you all bunches. This work is the greatest joy. God is a God of
miracles, I know that for sure. Idk what to say, I'm just really
grateful to be here!
Have a wonderful week and don't forget to PRAY!

-Sister Layton

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