Monday, June 15, 2015

Hey Peeps!

Hey peeps!

What's up?

This week was eventful. Lots of good things happening here. There are always good things happening when it comes to building up the kingdom of God, am I right?

I would like to know how the work is going over there in Utah, or wherever you might be. Anyone finding new investigators? ! I sure hope so. 

We are trying to here in Long Island. It's been successful when it comes to Hispanic people. Unfortunately we don't speak Spanish... I WISH. Oh well, it's great for our good friends the Hermanas! We love them. They come chill with us every night after planning and I just laugh and laugh with them.

Oh buuutttt we did get one new investigator named S! She's sweeeeet. 12 years old, but super mature for her age. Her mom was baptized a few years ago and has been a bit less active. We've been trying to get her back to church and teach her family as well!  Sjust moved rooms so we are going to help her make some decorations and personalize it this week! Yay. if you know me, you know I LOVE that. 

One great thing that happened is that we were welcomed into a very very nice home when we knocked. This never happens! The reason why we were welcomed is because 1. The man loves Mitt Romney and 2. Because I'm deaf and he found it very interesting. He and his wife loved us but were not interested unfortunately :( 

Soooo on Friday we knocked on doors allllll day longggggggg until 8pm because everything fell through. It was the hottest day yet, too!  Around 3 or 4 I started to feel tired of it, and was praying in my heart thinking "Heavenly Father, I'm so tired of this, no one is accepting us and we really felt like we should knock this area. I'm so hungry, it's so hot, my companion is very discouraged, blah blah blah." Oh, also I didn't eat lunch because I didn't feel good during lunch so I was literally starving lol. WELL, my prayer was answered! We knocked on the next house and it happened to be a member of the Spanish Ward!!!!  She was soooo happy to see us and of course made us eat her delicious food. We happily accepted hahah. Then after visiting for like 20 minutes we were getting ready to go and she gave us little gifts and said "I know missions are difficult, but you just gotta keep going!  We both left teary eyed hahah. It meant a lot to us.

We are teaching a family with 5 cute little girls.... It's T and her daughters- F, H, C, G, and P. They haven't come to church or accepted a date yet, but we are getting there. It's kinda hard to teach when there's 5 little girls trying to talk at the same time as you!  So they're getting there... Slowly but surely :) 

OH transfers happened and the new district is WONDERFUL. We said goodbye to Elder Bennett and Elder Thelemaque, but welcomed Elder Ashby and Elder Sainteran. Elder Ashby is Eli Brady's twin... Both in looks and personality. Elder Sainteran is from Haiti, but lived in the DR the past 5 years. He makes HAITIAN FOOD. YAyyyyy. This transfer is gonna be soooo good.

Welllllp that's about all I have to tell ya. 
God is GOOD. His love is real. 
My love for all of you is real too!!!
Have a wonderful summer week. Behave yourselves :)

-Sister Layton

The pic is with St. She bought us a squid hat hahahaha. 


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