Thursday, April 23, 2015

Training Begins

This week ROCKED.

As you all know, we started out the week by picking up our new little one from the airport. Hahahahah it was the funniest thing of my life. She was so excited but so freaked out at the same time! Made me flashback to the first of my mission... Good times :) Right when she got here we drove across the city to Jamaica Ave-most definitely the craziest street in the mission- and let her "fearless" some Haitians! It was so fun.
Then we went and lived the high life at Presidents! Ate some real nice seafood on the water and had a good old time at his house with the STLs and the APs. 

After that we let Sister Hardman jump right into the #missionlyfe. Haaaa she was kind of in shock. On Wednesday she was falling asleep as she blow dryed her hair lololol. Being a new missionary is very exhausting so we've been sure to take lots of breaks and relaxation periods for her to make sure she doesn't get overwhelmed. But guess what, she's theeee best new missionary I've ever met! I've never seen someone come out so prepared! And she has so much greenie fire.... She's such a blessing. She's from Salt Lake, graduated in 2014, went to BYU for a semester and wants to be a dietician. We are having lots of fun as a trio :)))

We had a pretty busy week, and it was fullll of miracles :) actually it might have been one of the best weeks ever, not gonna lie.

Andddd I just really don't have any time this week so that's all I got for ya.

My favorite quote from this week is "You missionaries are like therapists working for God." Said by our investigator J. No worries, we don't counsel anyone... But we did spend a lot of time just LISTENING to people this week. It seems to me that if you can just listen to your investigators for a few minutes, try to understand their concerns, and pray for them as they're talking, then by the time they're done talking they will have already resolved their concerns by talking them out, leaving us the perfect opportunity to testify! 

Ok I have to goooooo we are playing monopoly! But I shall attach some pics.
Sister Layton

1. Sister Ewell, J (our investigator), Sister Hardman, and myself after church.
2. This is F! We've been working with her forever!
3. Dinner with the APs and STLs.


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