Monday, April 6, 2015

General Conference/Easter Week

Hi Everyone!

Ok this week was greaaaaaaat!

It started off on an exchange with the one and only SISTER PETERSON, my gurl. Boy oh boy it was so nice to be with her again. It was refreshing, really. Felt SO GOOD. I just pray we can be companions someday! We taught her g o l d e n investigators and then, we were literally kidnapped by a member who drove us to the beach. There was no escaping it! So we took a walk and took some pics while we were there :) ALSO, we found deaf peeps together and taught a deaf less active. I've missed ASL! 

Here's an ASL miracle: (I'm copy and pasting it from Sister Petersons email)
"Who's ready for some ASL Miracles?! This week we figured out that Sorenson (the company that sells VPs aka Video Phones) buys VP numbers in bulk, which means that we have just tapped into basically all of the VP numbers in New York. I'm really bad at explaining this, but if you don't understand, just know that this is a breakthrough for ASL Missionary work and we have just found the most amazing way to do finding through calling people. Sister Layton and I spent our language study just testing it out and we were able to get in contact with so many people."
God is SO GOOD. The ASL mission is going to explode now that we've cracked the code and figured out all the deaf people's numbers! It gets me pumped to go back to the ASL program :) Miracles on miracles on miracles :)
Sis. P informed me we only have 4 more transfers left here in New York before we are on the airplane together flying towards Utah. What the heckkkkk right? Time flies!

Other than that it was a fairly strange week. Can't really describe what happened. It's the strange weeks that are the best weeks.

News about J - the one who is always with us. She invited us to her family's Easter brunch! It was a MIRACLE. I don't think they even knew she was converted. They still don't know! She doesn't want them to know. She gave us strict rules such as:
"1. No preaching of the Book of Mormon. 
2. No discussing J's conversion. 
3. No showing of #becausehelives. 
4. No discussion about J's recent trip to Utah. 
5. No talk about General Conference. 
6. No talk about how close missionaries are with J." 
Hahaha J is so funny. I thought her family was gonna be craaazyyy. But much to my surprise they are the coolest and most normal family I've met in New York! I felt like I was with my family in Utah! In fact, her brother in law looks, acts, and talks just like cousin Cade Robinson! You all know it's never dull when Cade's around. As we left her mom said "you are welcome back anytime, I know J isn't going to come back (she avoids home at all costs), but you can come back anyways."

Other good news: Sister Ewell found a pure in heart family with Sister Peiper on exchanges. Miraclessssssss. All I want is to find and teach pure in heart families!!! Pray for us to be led to them :) we pray for that every day!

Well, conference was good! Something was wrong with my hearing (as always) and I couldn't hear the first three sessions, so I have absolutely nothing to say about that :/ but it's okayyy because I can watch them later :)) However, I heard everything in the fourth session and it was just beautiful! I especially liked Elder Pearson's talk- about staying by the tree. He's right, giving in, giving up, and giving out are not options! There is no room for average disciples, and average commitment will prevent us from enduring to the end. We are either in or out!!!!! The only way we can be valiant disciples is by studying the Book of Mormon. EVERYDAY. I don't think we even realize the power and rewards this simple deed will give us! If you aren't reading the Book of Mormon EVERYDAY, start now! It doesn't matter how young or old, or what stage of life you are in, you still need to stay by the tree. You can't stay by it without the Book of Mormon. Maybe everyone should just go listen to his talk again :) 

I'm so happy, you guys! My companion laughs at me every morning because I wake up smiling lol. I love the Lord's work. I love building up His kingdom the best I can. I love my investigators and the members of the Bayshore Ward. I know the gospel is true. It does change lives, everyday. It has changed my life, and can change your life too!

Peacin' out. 
-Sister Layton

1. Beachin it with Sista Peterson.
2. Best district I ever did have. (Yes I wore the same dress twice in one week. Get over it.)
3. My gurl, P.
4. I was trying to show her how to take cute Layton girl Easter pics hahaha it didn't work out.


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