Monday, November 17, 2014

Life of an ASL Missionary


In case any of you were wondering, in one day I was told I look like Hermoine, Tinker Bell, a 9 year old, and Boo from Monsters Inc. with my bangs. All of the Relief Society sisters think it's so funny to tease me. I love it! 

So apparently I've gained a lot of weight from New York pizza because our bed broke this week. I'm on the top bunk and I was laying down to sleep and well, it broke.
HAHAHAHAHAH it was so funny. No worries everyone Sister Passey was still saying her prayers and didn't die. 
When the office elders set the bed up they didn't have enough screws and only used like 6 screws out of the 14 screws the bed needs... Hah. We kept telling them it's going to break and we are going to die, but they insisted it was fine! Silly office elders.
My mattress is on the floor now :))))

We had many many many appointments fall through this week. That's the life of an ASL missionary for ya. :) 
But it was still a good week!
K is doing so gooooood. I love her more and more every week. As her sign language improves she gets funnier and funnier. I was crying from laughing on the subway with her yesterday, that's how funny she is. She wants to get baptized so bad, but she doesn't understand we can't baptize her until she understands the gospel! She needs the gift of hands more than I do, people, so pray for her. Oh, AND, we met her family this week. They are all hearing and so pure in heart. THERES SO MANY PURE IN HEART PEOPLE OUT HERE. They love us because we love K. They say they know it's no coincidence how we met K. I think the whole family will get baptized as they see K's life change! 

N came to church!!!!.... She was a bit late... Got there 30 minutes after it ended...
It was still great! She got to go watch B and her daughters be baptized after church and it was totally amazing. I think the spirit got to her. We were having a lesson before the baptism started, talking about the commandments and following Christ. It was great, she was very interested in it... Sister Passey starts extending the baptismal invitation for the second time (she rejected the first time) and says in ASL grammar "will you follow Jesus Christ, his example, how?".....
And then an Elder cuts into the lesson and says "everyone needs to stop signing right now, the baptism is about to start." 
I was like nooooooooo! So Sister Passey didn't get to finish the last word in the baptism invite-"baptism." It was sad, but afterwards all us missionaries had a good laugh about it, including the Elder who interrupted the lesson.
We will get her on date this week :)

Yesterday a drunk man fell on me on the subway!!!!!
I repeat, a drunk man fell on me on the subway!!!! Lolololol.
Has a drunk man ever fell on you on the subway?
Didn't think so.

N got baptized. She did it! I was privileged to speak at her baptism. It was such a sweet experience. I could literally see the change in her. She was beaming! From meeting Sister Board and I on day one to her baptism day she had completely changed her life around. That is exactly what the gospel of Jesus Christ does. It changes people. 
It has changed me. And it can change you. But it can't change you if you aren't willing to change and if you don't have a desire to change. It can't change you if you aren't willing to act. Think about Joseph Smith. Did he pray and say "which of all the sects is right?" No he did not! He prayed and said "which of all the sects is right so I might know which of them to join." He prayed with a plan to act. My invitation to you, brothers and sisters is to pray to know how you can change this week. What do you need to sacrifice to become a more devoted disciple of Christ? Pray to know and plan to act after you pray. It will do miracles!

That's my week.
Love you all.
-Sister K. Layton

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