Monday, November 10, 2014

Hair Cut & Happenings

Hello Family!!!! 

I chopped my hair. Well, Sister Peterson did.
She gave me bangs.! (Pics attached)

-Did I mention R ever? She is a lost sheep we found. Let me give you some background info. A few years ago there was a branch in Brooklyn, but then it collapsed. Many (maybe 100) of the members records didn't transfer safely to the Union Square Branch. They kinda just went floating out there. R was one of those. Somehow we found out that a deaf person lives at her address, so we went to check it out maybe 2 weeks ago. She answered and was soooo happy to see us! We went inside and taught the most spiritual plan of salvation lesson ever and invited her to be baptized. But she's like "oh yeah, I've already been baptized into your church, years ago!" So we looked into it and sure enough she is a member. And her son David is as well, he actually still remembers quite a bit about the church. 
This week we were doing a lookup. We were amped about it, because it said "family of 6." Like are you kidding me, a deaf family of six is a dream come true! So we go knock on this family of 6's door and guess who answers. R. Turns out she's their aunt! 
All these families here in Queens confuse me, they're all either related, best friends, or whatever. I love it, it's like a mystery. It gives me a headache sometime, but Sis. P. and I shall figure it out.
And after we figure it out we shall bring them all back to the straight and narrow path.

-We found the pure in heart. Her name is M. Actually, we randomly met her in a hallway, our second week in Manhattan, but there was some drama with the North Elders (there still is drama with the north elders), and she was busy, so we didn't get to meet with her til this week. She took us to thee best Thai food place and we had a nice chat about the restoration of the gospel, my favorite topic. Oh my heavens, she had some deep questions that would have been hard for me to answer in English, so it was hardddd to answer in ASL! But she said she felt the spirit when we showed her the Book of Mormon!! and she accepted a baptism commit. Score! She didn't accept the date hahahaha but she accepted the commit! 

-We had 80 people at Sacrament Meeting for the second week in a row. Miracles are happening. The norm for the branch is like 45! #deafward2k15

-N is our investigator and she is starting to progress! I'm freaking out! I didn't think it would ever happen!!! We had been praying for her to have a spiritual experience with the atonement, Welllll, on Tuesday she walked in on district meeting right when Elder Harris was giving a POWERFUL testimony of the atonement, Sister Passey and I looked at each other in awe. It was so cool. We are going to hearing YSA FHE with her tonight. Oh goodness I hope I don't have to interpret flirting................. ️Pray for me?

-K IS MY BEST FRIEND. She gives me candy :))) She's started to pick up some of the funny little things I do when I sign. I LOVE IT AND I LOVE HER. I don't really know how I love her so much. We ride the train with her to church and she always analyzes everyone's shoes- guessing where they're from, how much they cost, if they're warm, comfortable, etc. It's so funny. Her bap date is December 16th. I think.

-I hit my 6 month mark. I HIT MY SIX MONTH MARK. So I cut a tie. I didn't want to burn down the entire building so I cut it instead of burning it.

-Sister Passey had a birthday! So I shaped her eyebrows up, did her makeup, let her wear my socks, and chose her outfit. It was fun. I love that kind of stuff. We also ate carrot cake.

Family I am so grateful for you!!
I have the best most beautiful family in the whole world!
Thank you all for praying for me and my investigators the past 6 months, for emailing me and loving me from across the country. I can't believe it's been 6 months. It's been the hardest but happiest 6 months of my life :) Luckily I still have 12 months left... I have so much work to do and so much to learn! I am "forever changed" from serving in the NYNYCS mission, and I will always be "forever changing" because of the things I've learned here.

Sister Layton

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