Monday, July 7, 2014

W/ love from NY

Dearest family,
I'm back! I can't believe another week has gone by. How dare time go by so fast!

Highlights of the week:
-4th of July!
---It was a grand day. I love America! We woke up and ran our own
little 5k around the neighborhood while happily saying "happy 4th of
July!" to everyone. Of course 50% of the people didn't understand what
we were saying because they don't understand English, and the other
50% were shocked because someone was happy at 6:30 in the AM. In case
you were wondering, people in New York don't dress patriotic for the
4th, it's quite upsetting. My companions and I sure stood out in our
head to toe red, white, and blue outfits! For dinner we decided we
neeeeeeded cheeseburgers, cuz 4th of July, so we went to the best
burger place in town. I've been working hard to make friends with the
owner, and guess what, he gave us freeee shakes! Success! It was so
tempting to stay out late and watch the New York fireworks, but
obedience>fireworks. I wanted to cry as I listened to them from our
apartment hahahah.-__-

-We got training calls on Wednesday! I now know who my mother is!
Sister Board, who has been out for 3 months will start training me on
Tuesday. We're staying in Astoria, and I'm still English. I'm stoked
to see this area grow the next few months. It has so much potential!
Right now it's sounding like I might go to the ASL program in two
transfers. Cross your fingers.

-This week we had 3 legit thunderstorms! It was so totally awesome
even though I ruined my favorite pair of shoes.-__- I've never seen
cooler lightning. One night we forgot our umbrellas.... That morning I
asked "should we bring our umbrellas?" My companions responded
"naaahhhhh it's nice and sunny today." Yeah, it started pouring that
night. Staying indoors, we spent a few hours knocking on every.
single. door. in an apartment building. I actually love knocking on
doors! Every door is a surprise! Some people are rude, some people
make hilarious excuses, some people are actually interested, and best
of all-some people are Asians! The Asians are always so nice and cute.
--While we were knocking I shook a 70-year-old mans hand to introduce
myself. He continued to shake it for 15 very long seconds while going
off about how I'm an "angel sent to him from god." Yet, he didn't want
to hear our message. Hahahahahha all I could think about was getting
my hand out of his, but when I pulled he wouldn't let go!

-So, on Thursday my companions and I were walking down the street. I
passed a group of people who were signing and thought to myself "Oh,
that's cool, they must be deaf," and continued walking. Ten seconds
later I stopped in my tracks and said "WAIT. they're deaf. I'm an ASL
missionary!" Hahahha I forgot I knew ASL. So I turned around and ran
to catch up with them. They were the nicest family.... A Korean deaf
family of 5! Does it get better?! I thought I loved Koreans, but then
I met deaf Koreans :))))) If only they were Mormon! They didn't have
time to listen to my message, and I didn't get their contact info, but
I pray that I will be placed in their path again and bring them closer
to Christ.

-The best experience of the week was probably sitting in on 2 lessons
with the ASL Elders. One was with a member, and one was with an
investigator. The elders are great and holy cowwww, their ASL is
BEAUTIFUL! The spirit I felt watching them sign was incredible. I had
the chills the whole time. They made me teach a small part of the
lesson, and even though I had no idea how to move my hands, it was so
fun! Teaching in ASL is 100% different than teaching in English. I'm
so anxious to go into the ASL program! The deaf member we were
teaching lives near me, and we've scheduled for Sister Peterson (my
MTC companion) and I to go to lunch with him every Friday to practice
our ASL skills.

-fun fact: there are more dead than living in New York. I live right
next to a huuuuge cemetery!!!! It looks so beautiful whenever we walk
by. I'm begging my companion to go wander through it with me next
p-day. Should be fun.

-This week we had lessons in the ghettttooooo. I was pretty scared not
gonna lie. The elders had to escort us to that area of town, cuz
sisters aren't supposed to go alone. Thank heavens for the elders!

Ok I gotta go......
Peace out peeps. Keep being missionaries!
Also if someone would send me a picture of my new cousin Madden that
would be nice.
-Your most favorite Sister Layton

us on the 4th

pushing around our cute pushcart like a legit city person

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