Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Manhattan - Oops!

Hello and happy Pday.

Holy cow. Fastest week of my LIFE. Sister Board keeps telling me it
will get faster, but I can't even comprehend how that will happen. It
feels like we're already moving 200 miles an hour.

--This week I left my mission. Yep, I left it. On accident of course.
WE WENT TO MANHATTAN! It was an accident, I promise. Sister board and
I are both newbies, and we hopped on the wrong bus which took us right
over the bridge out of our mission and into Manhattan. Hahahahah
oooops. I wanted to cry, but at the same time I was so excited
because.... Well because it's Manhattan!! It was everything I ever
imagined and more! Containing my excitement and acting like a normal
person was a struggggle. Inside I was bursting for joy like a 13 year
old girl going to a one direction concert.(How is one direction, by
the way?) We were there in Manhattan for a good 7 minutes :))))
Best/worst 7 minutes of my life. No worries it won't happen again.

--Something real weird happened this week. Missionaries have been
working with the  family since November. They haven't progressed,
and had never gone to church, yet no one has felt it was right to drop
them. Sister Board and I decided we were going to do everything in our
power to discover the real reason they aren't progressing. We realized
the little kids have asked some unusual questions, questions that 5 &
9 year olds don't normally come up with. Welllllll, long story short,
we discussed with the Elders what those questions might mean, and
concluded that the  family is meeting with the.... Wait
for it..... Jehovahs Witnesses... When we met with the children again we
played detective and got the secret out of them! It was pretty funny,
I won't lie.
  --I mentioned before that the J family had never been to
church... Well the same week we found out they're meeting with the
J-W they actually came to church! It was a miracle! We agreed to
show up at their apartment at 8am and help the mom make breakfast/get
the kids ready. We walked with them to church..... it soon became my
job to keep the kids quiet during sacrament meeting.... Aaaah, I'm
sure all the ward members were thinking "WHAT is Sister Layton
doing?!" Lemme tell you, I'm neverrr having kids. It was funny tho, I
loved when one of the kids says very loudly "what happened to the big
cups?" And "wait, is this water?" Lol. I'll send a pic with the kids
:) stay tuned for more news on this mystery.

--This week we had Zone Conference! Yay. I love my zone. Anyways,
we're having a great revelatory conference, the spirit was on fire and
it was totally awesomeeeee. And then. The zone leaders get up to give
their revelatory pep-talk/speech. I'm leaning on the corner of my
chair because I can feel it's gonna be so good.... and MY COCHLEAR
IMPLANT DIES right as they start talking. what. I was so bummed. I
guess sister board accidentally unplugged my charger so the batteries
didn't charge over night -__- hahaha oops. So I kinda just sat there
awkwardly until it ended hahahah. My life.

--Sister Boards birthday was this week! She's growing up so fast. We
ate so. Much. Food. Mmmm it was so yum, and so expensive. I'm broke.
Luckily Frank, the owner of our favorite hamburger place, gave us
freeeee hamburgers for our whole district! He must secretly know the
church is true... No one in their right minds gives 8 missionaries
free hamburgers if they don't know the church is true! Maybe someday
Frank will admit it and get baptized. Until then I'll gladly accept
the free food.

--Gyros. They're really tasty. So yum. That's all I have to inform you
on that subject matter.

--Our area covers some pretttttty sketch parts of New York. Our stake
president made a rule that the sisters can't go to those areas without
an escort. This week we had no choice.... Like hello, our
investigators salvation is at stake, we can't just cancel lessons!! We
went alone not only once, but twice! Eeeeek I was so scared, Sister
board and I were both shaking. The Elders didn't believe us when we
said we neeeeeded escorts, but the next day they had a lesson in the
same place and we received a text from them saying "we're never going
there alone again either, that was so scary!"

--We matched/folded socks for an investigator for an hour this week.
Idk how this lady obtained so many socks. It was like a giant puzzle.

--Shout out to my dirty diet coke lovers, if anyone has some extra
coconut syrup laying around you are more than welcome to send it to
me. I would love you FOREVER. Dirty diet cokes don't exist here in New
York, and Sister Board and I have been searching for coconut syrup for
weeks... Only to completely fail. -__-

--HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DEAREST OMI. so sorry I couldn't be there for
the party. I love you so so much!!!

Thank you for your prayers and for cheering me on! The strength I
receive from your prayers is REAL... The fact that I made it through
this week without a nap testifies of that. Love you all.
-Sister K. Layton

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