Monday, October 13, 2014

ASL Branch

Well, well, well, it's Pday once again.

Today I am emailing you from my bed! That's right, we got our own
wifi. Thank you Verizon man!

I have nothing to write, but I'm sure something will come into my head soon.

Oh, Sister Passey just said right this second "Sister Layton, why are
things so..... Weird?" I say "what, like that piece of bread?" She
says "No, just life in general. We are living the weirdest life right
That pretty much sums up my week. It's been weird! Which is good. The
Layton family motto is after all "the weirder the better."

We did lots of look ups in some weird places, had some AWESOME
meetings, picked up some new investigators in a very weird way, and
had some very weird lessons hahahaha. Oh man I love the ASL program.
It's always an adventure.
Hold on a sec, let me ask sister Passey how my ASL is doing...
She says "pretty much you're fluent."
I say "let's be real here."
She says "for your first week, it's really good, next week you really
will be fluent!"
Lol lets see if I'm fluent next week.

Tuesday was my 5 month mark. Weird right? We went to DQ and ate a
pumpkin pie blizzard for dinner to celebrate.

On Saturday we had the branch party. Wooohooooooo. Deaf parties for
life, I'm never going to a hearing party again. Jk I probably will.
Here's the thing, deaf people don't get get to see their friends very
often, so parties last alllll day. It went from 2-8pm! It was good
language study, and I got to meet most of the members. By the end kept
eyes hurt so very bad. I think I fell asleep for a sec on the subway.
Oh funny story, sister Passey and I kind of forgot we can talk after.
we were signing on the subway and a man offered us his seat. We sign
"no, no, it's fine, thank you." And he looks at us weird. Then we
remembered we can talk and said "oh ha, sorry, we've been at a deaf
party all day and forgot not everyone knows ASL!" He was like "wait,
you can hear?" Lol that happens almost every day. We will be signing
on the subway and then I'll start talking to the person next to me.
They're always surprised!

Church was cool! Best Sunday of my mission to be honest. It's more
different than I could ever imagine, but I love it! And I understood
the teachers, so that's good right? Oh, I bore my testimony and
introduced myself in sacrament meeting and only saw one person
laughing. Success!!!

To sum it all up, I'm loving it!
Until next week.
Oh wait, pics,

2. I'm being transferred again! Jk, we went grocery shopping. That
suitcase and the bags are full of food for the month. Gotta do what
you gotta do to shop in New York, right?
3. A little girl, on a windy day, in a big city. I love manhattan and
am so happy sister Passey and I get to work there. Other missionaries
refer to us as the "covenant missionaries" because we are allowed to
work in Manhattan! Wooh!

K bye.
-Sister Layton

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